, A Performance Management System Revolutionizing Team Management For Leaders &Employers



Technology has led to a revolution in the contemporary digital market. The leaders and employers are undertaking numerous efforts to lead the teams in the companies in tune with a continual update on the performance. 

However, a vital question arises, “In what way can the leaders and employers recognize the work and progress of the employees?” This is where performance management software comes in to focus on recognizing the excellence, dedication, and potential of the employees in meeting the company’s objective. OKRs (Objectives, and Key Results) emerge as a solution that assists the companies in filling the gap between strategy and execution and attaining excellent results. 

We are provided with innumerable OKR software in the market; it is imperative to choose the right one to reach and obtain the desired goals. Hence, software that provides efficient business execution is a sole priority for companies to achieve tailored solutions and meet set targets. An OKR that is result-driven, intuitive, and performance-driven is the prime choice of well-established companies and developing companies. Task Management, Employee Management, and Performance Management are additional prime features that ought to be present in the high-end OKR software. This is where appears as a savior in the OKR software marketplace place across varied industries.’s OKR software has established its name in a short period and is continuing to do so by transforming into a primary choice for the users. With the outstanding performance and review features, the software has emerged as a leader in the genre and assists the user in managing teams brilliantly in hybrid, remote and on-site work environments.

As Covid struck planet earth, we were forced us to stay indoors and maintain social distance; this was an absolute challenge for human race. With remote work in trend, the affinity-based review feature assists managers in reviewing their employee’s with 360 degrees view with the assistance of a meticulously designed peer reviewer assessment process. The new and class-apart feature allows already reviewed employees to add their coworkers to their reviews with zero problems. The peers can also select their familiarity level with the employees from a drop-down menu available on the platform. The managers can also gauge the proximity in which the reviewer works with an employee. During the final performance, each review is calculated that highlights the reviewer’s relation with the employee. 

Another outstanding feature is the Heatmap, which is a reporting function that explains the performance review results visually. Unprecedented performance or employees who require professional growth and development are viewed by the HR administrators and managers to fathom the outliers. The employers can also utilize these heatmaps to compare one employee’s two performances progress simultaneously and review accordingly. 

9 Box matrix report feature was also curated to fulfill the upcoming demands in the performance management arena. The unique box gauges the performance and ratings average of every reviewed employee in an assessment. Based on their review results, the employees are further allocated into set categories such as “growth employee,” “high impact contributor,” and many more. The companies can further customize the matrices as per the requirements of the company; this results in a clear understanding of the employee’s performance to undertake the required steps who require performance improvement or has exceeded expectations and performance. 

Furthermore, the leaders can check on their employees amid performance with the help of the Pulse Surveys feature. An engagement tool in itself, this performance management module allows the employers to keep a prominent track of the employee’s productivity, performance and thought process during the entire review period. The HR administrators can customize questions as required by using Pulse Surveys and collect information to measure employee engagement in the daily tasks to meet assigned targets.

Elite, engaging and competitive, the synonyms for, describes this high-performance management system. Revolutionary and commendable for the companies and leaders, managing strategies, OKRs, employee engagement, performance, productivity, and reviews are achieved on a single and unbeatable platform. 

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.