7 Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Android App Development



Have you been looking for speeding up Android? Software development has constantly been evolving, in addition to evolving customer expectations. App developers from first class Android app development companies ensure following certain tips and tricks without sacrificing quality and features.

Here, you will get the time-saving tips to speed up Android app development alongside launching quickly.

1. Updating your mobile phone

Make sure your device is up to date. A newer version of Android has been coming up with an updated UI skin, a patch, or a bug fix. It will be speeding up Android. For finding when the phone needs an update, head into Settings >>> About Device >>> Software Update. Go with continually checking for updates for specific apps. An update alone makes a difference in android app development.

You will have to go through the controls of almost everything on your phone. While going through the app development phase, ensure that the user’s data is safe and secure. Beware of the hackers and find a solution to the issues.

2. Lineage operating system

You will be needing to root, which comes with a real chance of bricking your device as a part of the android app development project. When youhave good tech skills or you are playing around, this method injects new life into an old gadget, thus helping to speed it up.

Agile software development as a part of android development serves as the standard metric for software developers. Agile reduces software development project schedules. The iterative development cycles that work with the user feedback and thorough testing result meets customer expectations.

3. Clearing up your home screen

Cleaning your home once in a while is an utmost necessity. Always there is a need to have a home screen with a live wallpaper covered in widgets showing you the news, weather, and social feeds.

Go with clearing up your home screen. Android app development course suggests switching to a better launcher help to make things nippier. Try to restrict my layout to a single page with folders while also getting the support for multiple screens.

4. Reduction of animations

Reduction of animations speeds up your phone while reducing the transition between screens and apps. For this change, access the Developer Options in your device setting. Find “Build Number” and tap seven times. Navigate to the Developer Options menu and find the Transition animation scale. Set this to “off,” apps will appear. Also, turn off the Window animation scale alongside the Animator duration scale.

5. Reading more codes

There is a need to learn more about the android app development programming language. Android developers don’t spend the time to go ahead with reading what other developers are writing.

The expert developer needs to read the excellent code of skilled developers. When it comes to starting reading others’ codes, you will get the opportunity of raising your vision and give some new ideas.

High-fidelity wireframe turns out to be time-consuming. There will be a possibility of missing key requirements when there isn’t appropriate planning for your software architecture. Use a low-fidelity wireframe that ensures speeding app development. 

The teams have good android app development project ideas. Map out and plan the layout that serves the key functionality the app needs. Also, ensure that you have the proper idea regarding how the data interfaces should work. Let the customers review the user interface before starting to write code.

6. Contributing to open source

When you have developed a library, plugin, or helpful piece of code and you’re utilizing it, consider open-sourcing it. Discover the process of contributing to open-source projects. Android app development projects with source code need a deeper understanding.

Enabling and fixing grammatical mistakes will be advantageous for the project handlerto uphold the operations of the project. In addition to that, you can rest assured about the improved Android Development skill.

7. Testing your creation

Before releasing your product, test whether it works on the smartphone efficiently and observe whether or not it is going to impress the users. Accommodate low-end devices alongside smaller screens. Numerous devices tend to have small screens.

Ensure that you optimize your UI by testing on multiple screen sizes. Design your app to match the requirements of the low-end devices, which have low memory, low processing power, alongside the low resolution.

The teams have a good understanding of android app development frameworks. Observe the feedback of the users that are both good and bad in your application. Maintain the app regularly and keep it up-to-date. Track the problems and provide them solutions regarding the issues. You can do that through regular updates.

The app developers have a good understanding of android app development steps. When creating a brand-new product, ensure that you’re targeting a minimum viable product, or MVP, rather than considering the fully-functional app.

An MVP allows entering the market quickly with less investment, thus generating cash flow. In addition to that, it ensures building your brand reputation. The expert teams have a good understanding of regarding android app development life cycle. 

An MVP will be validating the findings from your earlier UX testing with a prototype, thus guaranteeing the reduced risk.  The MVP approach is the best for saving time in many other ways. A simpler, streamlined app bear only the fewer things that can go wrong.

Key Takeaways

Cross-platform hybrid solutions ensure the creation of an app within one environment and deploying it to several different platforms. iOS and Android app ready at the same time is a better move than writing native code for each operating system. Work on native apps later as they are better adapted to each platform.

Hybrid mobile development can release apps without improving your understanding of other programming languages. Be ready to manage your app development time strategically to get ahead of the competition while also meeting tight deadlines.

Time and efforts lost in android application development services can lead to immense suffering across the project. Good android development company ensures taking into consideration the tips as mentioned above for the project management.