Best Yoga Poses for Rapid Weight Loss?


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Maximum people associate yoga with mindfulness and meditation. It is because yoga is all about being slow and consistent, which is why most of you never think of it as an effective tool for weight loss. But that is not true. When yoga is done in a proper manner and with complete dedication, you can see fast results. It not only boosts up your body flexibility and mental health but also burns your body calories.

Losing weight is one of the vital goals for many people because all want a toned body. Everyone tries following a strict diet and some intense physical workouts. But yoga provides you with several more benefits than other exercises helping you in your weight loss journey.

Not the same as dieting and exercising, yoga helps promote the feeling of fullness, energetic and freshness, which also enhances your mental health.

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So, let us now discuss some of the yoga poses that assist you in losing weight rapidly:

Plank pose or phalakasana:

A plank pose is one of the best poses for firming your core. You may find it very simple, but its benefits are enormous. When you practice plank, it strengthens your shoulders, buttocks, thigh, abs and core.

For doing a plank, first, go to the push-up position. Then by putting pressure on your hand, elbow and wrist, lift your body from the mat. Now look in a downward direction and then relax your neck. Hold on to this position for as long as you can.


Never perform the pose when you have any shoulder pain or hip pain.

Bow pose or dhanurasana:

Are you looking for ways to tone your back and your belly? Then this bow pose can assist you. This asana will strengthen your core as well as your abdominal area, enhance your posture and stretch the whole body. It works best on your back, chest, hips and your arms.

To do this pose, stay in a face-down position, bend down your knees and then hold on to your ankle with your hands by keeping your knees about hip-width farther. Now lift your chest and your thighs off from the floor while holding on to your ankle. Keep breathing and try to hold on to this position for about 20 seconds.


If you have blood pressure, migraine or insomnia, then you should do this pose.

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Triangle pose or trikonasana:

Triangle pose helps activate the lower obliques, strengthens your thigh, enhances blood circulation in the whole body and offers relief to your backache. This pose can kickstart the practices for weight loss as it assists in burning the fat that is present around your belly and waist portion.

At first, stand by keeping your feet three feet forward. Then bend down, turn your left leg in the right direction, and set your right foot ahead. Now try to touch the feet or the floor by stretching your left hand and right hand towards the ceiling. Hold on to this position for about 20-30 seconds.


You have to look down or straight while performing the triangle pose. So never try to do this pose when you have any neck injury.

Bridge pose or Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana:

This pose is best for losing weight very quickly. It works best on your thyroid, shoulder, thighs and back. It assists in enhancing digestion and muscle tone, decreasing hypertension and menopause symptoms, for which it helps in the loss of weight.

At first, lie down on your back, bend down your knees, keep your feet flat on the floor, and then press down. Now start pushing the torso up, place your hands under the hips and your palm facing down. Your neck and head should remain flat on the floor.


It is not the same as the cobra pose. You must keep this in mind while doing this pose.

Downward facing dog pose or Adho mukha svanasana:

If you are looking for toning your body, then a downward-facing dog pose is one of the best solutions. This pose assists in strengthening your thighs, back, arms and hamstrings. It might look like a resting pose, but while performing, you can quickly feel the burn.

To do this, place your hands and your knee down at feet’ distance. Try to straighten your legs now by elating your knees from the floor and pushing your heels in a downward direction. Now make use of the pressure of your palm, forcing on the floor. Try to hold on to this position for about 10 seconds.


If you are pregnant, then do not practice this yoga pose. Also, people suffering from blood pressure and diarrhea should not do this.

So, all these yoga poses are great poses for losing weight rapidly and in a healthy manner. Yoga when combined with good diet is beneficial as it assists in losing weight besides keeping your body and mind healthy. Yoga greatly enhances your mindfulness and the way you relate it to your body. You will start consuming food that are healthy rather than consuming food that enhances accumulation of food.