Why Cheap iPhones Still a better Buy?



iPhones are selling like hot cake now. They are rich in performance and have great snob value. It is a win-win situation for both users and apple.

iPhones are in a variety of budgets. If you have an okay budget, you can consider buying an iPhone XR. Is iPhone XR worth buying? Yes, it is. Even though it was released years ago, it still trumps down many android phones. Its camera is very good and is straight from the iPhone XS camera module. It not only takes awesome photos but also takes awesome videos. Hence, in the camera department, iPhones are a better buy compared to counterpart androids.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a secondary camera for either ultrawide or telephoto lens. Speaking of secondary cameras, if you need them you should buy an iPhone 11. That has a better processor and a bigger battery. The two cameras are significantly better than that the iPhone XR. The screen is brighter too comparatively. The display can as usual display DCI-p3 color format accurately. This means you can edit the pictures in the display itself as the display is color accurate.

The rear side of the iPhone 11 is made of glass. This enables Apple to include wireless charging. The supporting wireless charge format is Qi. Also, note that iPhone 11 supports Apple’s fast charging. Within 30 minutes, the phone gains 50% of battery. It is very much essential in today’s world. All these features make iPhone 11 worth buying. If you have the money, you are better off with an iPhone 11.

What if you don’t want to buy Neither iPhone XR nor iPhone 11 as you don’t want to spend so much on a phone? iPhone 8 will come for a rescue. iPhone 8 is still worth buying if available.

It has decent cameras, a well-put screen, and awesome build quality. The internals is powerful enough for today’s world and you will not regret buying this. It also supports fast charging and the device is less heavy. The cameras are superb and iPhone 8 Plus comes with dual cameras.

The authentication is done by touch id and it is very fast and accurate. In no time, it opens the lock and lets you use the phone. This makes iPhone 8 worth buying.


Iphones are better to buy for several reasons. The camera is one of the primary selling points of iPhones. The next selling point is the performance. If you’re confused between an android and an iPhone to buy, please go ahead and buy an iPhone. It is worth buying. Thanks for reading.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.