Going the extra mile to find top talent with a recruitment platform



Skills shortage is a common problem that crops up occasionally, in recruitment. But with the help of recruitment database software, recruiters can cast a wider net to find more skilled candidates. Using a recruitment platform makes it simple and easy for recruiters to go the extra mile.

Candidate sourcing made easier

Talent sourcing is part and parcel of the recruiting process. There is an enormous impact and shift in the way candidates are sourced once recruiters start implementing good recruitment software as part of their process.

Before utilising recruitment CRM for candidate sourcing, recruiters would rely majorly on the talent pool they’d built over the years and on social media to find fresh candidates. But these processes are not adequate to handle a skills shortage. When there is a war for talent, the same candidate pool can feel extremely limited, and taking the same steps on social media can feel very restrictive.

Recruitment software enables recruiters with an easier time to –

  • Identify passive candidates
  • Get convenient access to social media accounts
  • Find the perfect fit effortlessly

Passive candidates are those individuals who are not actively looking to change roles or seek new opportunities. Usually, recruiters will be busy with active candidates as they are easily spotted and engaged. But don’t forget about the talent that lies within passive candidates. That’s when it’s important to widen the net and go out seeking skilled individuals.

Social media and recruitment software team up perfectly when it’s time to identify suitable candidates. An AI-equipped recruiting platform can integrate smoothly with various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Bloomberg, etc. This pushes more advantages in the recruiter’s favour. Identifying appropriate candidates, both active and passive, is always easy with social media. However, the added benefit is that there’s no longer the need for copying candidate information manually from various social media accounts. Once certain talents are identified, recruiters will be able to access their information quickly via their recruitment software. It cuts the time spent on copying information as well as makes it possible to save time toggling between different websites.

Online skills testing software to filter applicants thoroughly

Candidate skills assessment has become integral in the hiring process. Recruiters and employers can no longer rely only on CVs and interviews to be certain of an applicant’s skill set and suitability.

Many times, a job advert might be inundated with masses of applications. It can be challenging for recruiters to go through each application thoroughly, especially if the time is short. Thus, using an online skills testing software that integrates well with the recruitment agency software.

  • Pre-employment skills testing
  • Online skills tests for easier access
  • Test results to help make better decisions

Recruiters can start with automated CV parsing that allows recruiters to filter all the CVs quickly and identify the best ones. The next step is sending candidates an online skills test to complete. This pre-employment skills testing is valuable in assessing job seekers right at the outset of the recruitment process so that only the most-qualified candidates go further. And online skills testing has made this process very organised and easy. The tests are easy to administer and access for both recruiters and candidates. Results will arrive at the recruiter’s inbox instantly once it is completed.

 A good skills testing software has a large library of tests. There are the most popular ones – literacy skills tests, numeracy skills tests, MS Office skill tests. There are also industry-specific ones like driving skills tests and accounting skills tests. Another important one is Psychometric testing which is useful for employees across every industry as it evaluates their cognitive skills.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.