Easy Business SMS Strategies To Increase Customer Retention



Every business strives for good customer engagement. After all, it is better to retain existing customers than to find new ones. Under a study, 7% customer loyalty and customer retention can increase lifetime profit for business per customer by almost 85%. No wonder why businesses engage so much money and time into driving customer attention and retention thus building strong relations with them through platforms like business SMS and social media.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss easy Business SMS Strategies to Increase Customer Retention. In the end, all that businesses require is a little bit of creativity and innovation!

Read on to find 4 easy ways to retain and engage your customers, thus securing their loyalty.

1. Send polls. Don’t forget to post the results!

Well, customers do give feedback via business SMS every time. In that case, why not make the process more fun? Regular polls are an excellent way to get a grasp of your customer needs better thus conveying that you care about their needs. 79% of customers purchase from organizations that state they care about businesses. To start with this strategy, try:

  • Product release feedback: Here, you can ask your customer which design they would prefer for your upcoming event or product release. Such polls will indicate that you are very much interested in your customer feedback and opinion.
  • A serious poll in disguise: At times, you simply need to know what customers will be interested in right before your event or campaign.

For instance,

‘Which is better? A lake-side picnic or a backyard barbecue?”

Tip: Make sure you send the result of your poll later. Customers will love to see their opinions being considered.

2. Play Games!

Here, you can declare a weekly round of an easy game and be assured to generate a casual leader board to incorporate some friendly competition in your SMS list. Easy business texting friendly game ideas include,

  • Sony lyrics: Guess the Song: ‘I see a little silhouette of a man..’
  • Trivia: Which grand initiated the first-ever mass-produced sneaker?
  • Would You Rather: Eat Pizzas for the rest of your life or key lime pies?
  • Fill In The Blanks: ‘The Ultimate noon snack of all times is _________’

3. Send Friendly Messages

Another excellent way to increase customer engagement via business text messaging starts with some old-school yet brilliant SMS customer service. In addition, you can even send automatic texts or text from landline along with follow-ups to customers right after a service request to make sure that they are content. Checking in with them offers them an excellent opportunity to express if something is wrong, just in case.

4. Offer Rewards or Business SMS Drawings

Around 60% of customers are into the thought that gifts or surprises can be the ideal way to retain or engage customers into a business. Eventually, it earns their loyalty. However, bear in mind that these rewards don’t require to be huge. They simply need to be priceless that drives the attention of your customers. Generally, this strategy is effective when applying for a  certain list of users. You can offer gifts or surprises to customers who have been regular customers within the last few years.

You can gift them,

  • Drawings: Providing a biweekly gift or drawing to customers who engage more will drive people to check their mobile devices and text more often eventually Signing up for your business texting services.
  • SMS discounts: Send members with business text messaging a featured coupon. Consequently, they can show this coupon in the stores to receive a discount or free add-ons on purchases of above a certain amount of order. However, refrain from sending coupons more often as it might annoy your customers and they may even opt-out of your SMS services.
  • Early sale notifications: This is an excellent way. Offering an early and exclusive notification to your SMS list members about upcoming sales that have not been live/advertised yet will make your customers feel special. As a result, there are high chances they head into your store before their products are sold.

To sum up, these were the 4 Easy Business SMS Strategies to Increase Customer Retention. With these touches, you let your customers know that they have been in your mind thus ensuring that they receive the best of their purchases.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.