5 Smart Home Devices To Look For In Luxury Home Listing



In an era where innovation is rising, tech savvy Millenials with high earnings have a big interest in luxury real estate. As a luxury home prospective buyer, how do you set apart one high-end property from other similar properties in the market? The best tactic is to look at the smart home investments that boost the value of the property.

Innovative home technology is a primary feature to look at when evaluating luxury properties. Many smart home features contribute to high-end property markets, such as the Mallorca real estate, but here are a few that would mean more value for your luxury home.

Smart security systems

A smart security system is one of the features that add more value to a luxury home. Can you imagine using a combination of keys on your phone to open your front door or getting a notification whenever you have a visitor? The best thing is that today’s smart locks feature a wide range of automation features, leaving you spoilt for choice. From smartphone locks to fingerprint access, passcodes, physical keys, ic cards, etc., even most luxury vacation homes are implementing smart locks to boost their security systems. Better security is one of the top benefits of owning a luxury home.

Smart thermostats

Luxury homes with smart thermostats offer a completely cozy way to live. With an app-controlled thermostat on your smartphone, cozy living is just a swipe away. A smart thermostat can be controlled with wifi; the remote sensor automatically learns about your patterns and adjusts your home’s heating, and cooling needs accordingly. Smart thermostats are one of the essential smart home features to look for in a luxury home.

Smart kitchen appliances

Modern luxury homes have stylish kitchens that utilize high-tech kitchen appliances for functionality and appeal to the home chef. One unique thing about today’s smart home technology is that refrigerators are becoming sophisticated enough to manage food while keeping inventories of what is inside. Smart ovens can tell you how best to cook a meal, whether to roast, bake, boil or steam for the most flavor, not to mention alerting you when a meal is ready. One of the innovative home technologies to look for when evaluating luxury properties is smart kitchen appliances that provide a fully functional kitchen for your luxury living.

Smart lighting

Smart light bulbs that provide low wattage and longer service spans are replacing traditional light bulbs in modern luxury properties. Smart lighting fixtures can pair with sensors for ambient lighting, turning off if they detect an empty room and lighting up when they detect room occupancy. That means you can remotely adjust your home lighting; hence smart lighting is an essential technological feature to consider in a luxury property.

Digital shower interfaces

A luxury property is not all about a more secure living but also a more cozy living. These days, touchpads can be added to bathroom and shower interfaces to offer more customization such as steam levels, water temperature, lighting, etc.


Some of these smart home technological features are what make a luxury property a high-end one adding more value to it.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.