3 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with Nature



Appreciating nature can be done simply by turning your attention away from technology.

On the other hand, you can use technology to appreciate nature more with these three ways:

Watch and Identify Birds with a Smart Bird Feeder

Bird feeders have been around for years, but have you tried a smart bird feeder?

Smart bird feeders are equipped with cameras that take a snapshot of the bird as it visits, and it can identify the kind of bird at a glance. You can share your discoveries with friends on social media and spread appreciation of nature.

Bird watching just got better and more convenient. Of course, nothing beats going out and seeing them with your own eyes but you can immerse yourself by learning about the many species and their respective habitats.

Take Photos With Your Smartphone

If time and the pandemic allows, go off-schedule and visit the nearest park or natural reserve so you can reconnect and recharge.

You’ll probably have a phone with you, so why not take pictures of the things that interest you? The act of observing nature eases anxiety and the everyday stress associated with work and responsibilities.

Your pictures don’t need to be perfect- any image will suffice as long as it’s clear. It’s good for your well-being and can be a good hobby or distraction.

Sign Up for a Virtual Tour

The internet is a wonderful place, and it holds a connection to nature too. Virtual tours and events are possible with the help of zoos, aquariums, farms and science centers and more.

In the same vein, you can go on virtual vacations and watch videos or live cameras observing underwater marine life, bird nests or animals in the wild. Most of these only cost a nominal fee, with some being offered for free.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.