Story of an Innovative Welding Brand – XcelArc



One of the most important and common methods of joining metal parts by using high heat to fuse the parts together, is Welding, and has become an important part of most industries, including the automotive, aerospace, construction and infrastructure, and manufacturing industries. , Railroad, shipping and much more. Gas welding was one of the standard processes, which was later supplemented by the arc welding process. It has continued to develop over the course of the 20th century and has done much to develop many industries with the help of new technologies. Here is a story of an innovative welding brand that uses the above mentioned with passion and product quality. With a national dealer network and a passion for welding, the Kiwi-owned brand called XcelArc is a leader in the New Zealand welding market.

XcelArc is the focused band of Esseti NZ Ltd started around 1994 by a knowledgeable welder.The company has engineered a formidable name within the New Zealand attachment business supported onerous work, standards, reliability and openness. Company goal is not only solely to supply merchandise that, compared to similar products, but also to have a lot of functions and innovation and are of the best quality.

The XcelArc welding products developed as a result of the combined efforts of a combined team of experts from Australia, China and New Zealand who have brought you their fusion splicers with a proven track record for performance, innovation and reliability. XcelArc’s highly trained team of electronic engineers has brought the latest in inverter technology to the fore. Engineers are always resourceful and provide the team with the latest electrical engineering knowledge and innovation. This experience proved to be decisive for further success and a range of product development.

Information about ideal arc characteristics, performance and human-machine interface should be obtained through the advice, practical experience and knowledge of highly qualified welding engineers. XcelArc manufacturing and production teams use the latest technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that enable them to produce high quality equipment at very competitive and reasonable prices. A team of experts made up of experienced sales and trade employees who initially provide important market information and trends, feedback and customer needs. XcelArc’s customer trust will be satisfied now and in the future with their unmatched customer service.

XcelArc plasma cutters and welders are designed to bring you the best inverter technology at an affordable price. The company’s commitment to continuous product development means that it offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of MIG, TIG, MMA, plasma cutting and spot welding machines in New Zealand today.Their wide range of products enables them to meet most welding needs, from housekeeping to heavy industrial applications. Many of the imported products are manufactured to their specifications and in some cases their own designs. Esseti New Zealand has partnered with several global industry leaders and has been a leader in inverter welding technology for over a decade.

All the machines they make are built and meet the latest AS / NZ609741 and EN50199 standards for electrical manufacturing and safety regulations, providing the operator with safety, reliability, duty cycle performance and quality.

Be positive when purchasing a Xcel-Arc product as it is backed by XcelArc’s experienced team of sales engineers and service technicians who have a sales network across New Zealand to ensure fast delivery and beyond comparable service. XcelArc, the maker of welding products, has now become a leading welding producer in New Zealand.