A Social Media Marketing Guide to Learn About the Facebook’s New Custom Audiences



Nowadays, for the growth and development of any company or brand and to compete with other companies’ promotion is an essential aspect. For promotion, the best thing you can do is to advertise your brand among people so that you can easily fetch their attention; however, using social media for advertisement is more effective and feasible.

Among different social media platforms, Facebook is the most used and more familiar platform to a large number of people. Hence, it would be more feasible and worthy to try Facebook for advertisement purposes.

Where to get help for the advertisement purpose?

There are various Facebook Ad Agencies you will found in the market. However, getting the right agency is challenging work to do. However, among these agencies, you can contact Australian Internet Advertising, which can easily display your content to a large number of the targeted Facebook user with its advanced features and advertise your product among them.

About Facebook custom audiences

To make the advertising easier and more effective on the platform of Facebook, they have launched the custom audience feature, which provides an ad targeting option that can help you and find your customers among all the Facebook users. This will allow you to create your audiences and easily interact with them on Facebook.

How to make a custom audience on Facebook?

  • To create a Facebook custom audience, the first thing you have to do is to sign up with the Facebook ads manager, after which you will get an option of audience.
  • After clicking on that option, you will get another option of creating a custom audience.
  • Where you will be given the choice of where to source the information for your customer audience then choose among them.
  • Further, you can upload your customer list and go for the customer list custom audience.

What are the benefits of the custom audience feature?

As it targets your potential customers on this platform, you will get various benefits from these features. So, let’s know a little more about its various advantages:

. Drives Facebook likes

As this feature allows you to mash the offline lists of your customer with your Facebook account and built a custom audience of your customers, you can easily get contact with them and can advertise your product among them. Also, it identifies and advertises products on those accounts that have not liked your page yet.

. Drives Sales/ Conversation

If you are having the Email IDs of your customers, then you can link these with your account and create the custom audience of the customers that have bought the specific product from your company. After which you can show them the advertisement for the next upgraded product.

. Drives Newsletter Signups

With this feature, you can create an email list of your customer; you can easily find out who have signup your newsletters and who have not. Then you can advertise and promote your newsletter among those customers and encourage them to signup for the newsletter.


With the help of Facebook’s custom audience feature, you can improve and make your advertisement more effective.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.