New era technology 5G



The future is come with New era technology 5G as the 5th generation mobile network, everything will be so much faster.

We need speed yes?

Everything will be so much faster to be done if we have speed power that enable us welcoming a New era technology 5G.

New era technology 5G will replacing global wireless standard from 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

5G will enables a New era technology 5G network which designed to connect everyone and everything including machines, objects, devices and all about speed technology.

Meaning New era technology 5G

The G is generation, so 5G is the newest generation of mobile network technology which allowing devices to use the network much faster than previous generation.

How fast is 5G?

5G as Ultra Wideband operates at frequencies about 28 GHz and 39GHz that considerably higher than 4G networks, which about 700 MHz-2500 MHz frequency to transmit information.

To make it simple to understand 5G is a new generation wireless network that will so much faster internet connections and very good to play online casino at muka bet88 indonesian site.

Everything that come with speed will help so many works also change the way other things connect to the internet.

So can we say 5G beat 4G?

New era technology 5G comes with 100 times faster than 4G, so with these speeds so many thing can be done because 5G networks are built on high frequency speed band spectrum, which can transmit a lot more data with faster speed compare to 4G networks.

Will 5G come with a price?

Because its still new, so 5G network service will costly compare to 4G and soon will match the 4G plans eventually.

In general 5G network plans will cost you more but since 4G launched, most carriers provide customer with best offer available for New era technology 5G.

So 5G phone can use 4G SIM card?

Yes your 5G phone still have the ability to use 4G/3G/2G coverage networks.

Qualcomm has the most 5G patents leader in the 5G no other companies can keep up with the San Diego Qualcomm with 140,000 patents including 5G technologies.

So please welcome the New era technology 5G and maybe 6G coming soon in near time.