11 Best Automation Tools for 2021

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To keep up with the fast-moving software industries, ever-changing demands of the clients, quality of the product, and execution speed, one must prefer automation testing tools. Automation testing tools help users to achieve the maximum results and output in minimum time duration. The success of any product depends on the right tool selection. This is why we have bought you the best 11 automation testing tools for 2021 that will help you choose your next automation software.


The one application testing tool that is trending in the mobile automation testing technology is Appium. Appium is an open-source testing tool that is used to automate mobile test cases. It can automate native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, and web applications as well. Appium supports automation tests on the emulators, simulators, and physical devices as well. A few updates back Appium would only support the iOS and Android applications but now they also include the support for desktop application testing for windows users.

Features of Appium

  • Users can perform parallel test execution of test scripts using Appium.
  • We do not need to install the whole application again if there is a small change in the application.
  • Appium doesn’t require any library or source code of the application.

Advantages of Appium

  • It is freely available to everyone and is easy to install.
  • Using Appium a user can perform automated testing of native, hybrid, and web applications.
  • Appium can run the same test case on different platforms as it has multi-platform support.


LambdaTest is a cloud-based automation testing tool for web applications and desktops. It can be used for both automation and manual testing. Users can perform selenium automation-based testing using this tool as it is scalable, secure, and reliable. They can test on the selenium grid cloud of 2000+ mobile phones and desktop browsers. Using LambdaTest one can also run their Appium and selenium test scripts on various Android and iOS-based devices with selected OS version. You can also execute tests in parallel, this will fasten your execution test cycle. 

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Features of LambdaTest

  • LambdaTest supports multiple programming languages for automation testing such as ruby, java, Python, C++, JavaScript.
  • It provides easy integrations with many testing frameworks including TestNG, Jenkins.
  • With the help of the automation Selenium grid, one can perform cross-browser testing very smoothly.

Advantages of LambdaTest

  • Users can also perform cross-browser testing over a combination of 2000+ operating systems, browsers, and resolutions using this tool.
  • You can also record your entire test session or take screenshots and further share it with your teammates.
  • It also comes with an in-built debugging tool that helps you in finding and reporting bugs in your test script.
  • LambdaTest is also ideal for testing locally hosted web pages.
  • LambdaTest testing tool is also available as a plugin for chrome browser and WordPress plugin.
  • Users can also perform functional testing, responsive testing, and real-time based testing using this tool.
  • On top of everything the biggest advantage of LambdaTest is, it integrates with your favourite automation testing tool such as Appium, Katalon Studio, Ranorex, Cucumber so that you do not need to create a separate infrastructure. You can integration your test for free using LambdaTest integrations.


Cucumber is an open-source testing tool that supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework. It means that the software behaviour needs to be specified and simplified in a manner that customers can understand. It was initially written in Ruby language and was specifically used by the ruby testers only. Now it supports various kinds of languages such as Java, Javascript, Scala, Groovy, etc. It only supports the web environment. Companies such as PayPal and Canon use cucumber.


Features of Cucumber

  • The test codes are written in simple English that is known as Gherkin.
  • Users can execute code on different frameworks such as Selenium, Ruby, etc.
  • It provides an end-to-end testing framework.

Advantages of Cucumber

  • It focuses on providing a better end-user experience.
  • It works as a connecting bridge between the business vendors and the technical language.
  • It is an efficient tool to test.

HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

HPE Unified Functional Testing was formerly known as QuickTest Professional and is a leading cross-platform automation testing tool. The list of development environments that it can automate is huge. It can automate mobile, java, oracle, web, net, SAP, desktop, Delphi, flex, ActiveX, visual basic, PeopleSoft, and the list goes on. The scripting language that it uses is VBScript. With the help of UFT, we can bring developers and testers together under one roof to create some amazing automation testing solutions. 


Features of HPE Unified Functional Testing

  • It supports data-driven testing.
  • HPE also provides cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility.
  • It is integrated with HP Loadrunner and HP ALM.

Advantages of HPE Unified Functional Testing

  • It supports record and playback and is easy to maintain.
  • The object identification mechanism is very helpful for the testers.
  • It comes with an in-built IDE and can integrate with Test management tools such as Quality Center, Test Director, and Winrunner.

IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)

The producers of IBM created the Rational Functional Tester tool for commercial purposes. This testing tool can be used for functional testing, data-driven testing, GUI testing, and regression testing. IBM RFT supports various development environments such as Net, SAP, Java, Flex, PowerBuilder, Siebel, dojo, and others. It supports two scripting languages – Java and VB.net. It integrates tightly with the test management tool of IBM known as the IBM Rational Quality Management tool.


Features of IBM Rational Functional Tester

  • The unique feature of this tool is Storyboard Testing. With this feature, users can record their testing actions in the form of screenshots.
  • For monitoring the testing process, it uses natural language, which is easy to understand by everyone.
  • It supports various web-based applications and terminal emulator-based applications.

Advantage of IBM Rational Functional Tester

  • The tests can be run instantly on various platforms and can be reused. Thus reducing the time during regression testing.
  • Every test that runs on RFT undergoes the same process every time. Hence making it consistent.
  • Automation testing on this tool is fast and can be run at any time without the use of any additional source.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an open-source automation testing tool. It can integrate with both Appium and selenium hence, simplifying web, API, and mobile automation testing. JIRA, qTest, Git, Slack, Kobiton are some other tools with which Katalon Studio can integrate. It supports external java libraries and Groovy is the scripting language that it uses. You can re-use selenium scripts written in java, directly in this tool.  Katalon has been entitled as the Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for the software test automation. We can directly infer its popularity from this fact.


Features of Katalon Studio

  • Katalon Studio is versatile as it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It has hundreds of keywords that are in-built. With these keywords, users can create test cases.
  • It is continuously integrated with tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Git, JIRA.

Advantages of Katalon Studio

  • Katalon is very easy to learn and work on. One need not be a professional to use Katalon Studio.
  • It has a selenium-based recording module for Chrome and Firefox.
  • A user can also perform API testing and cross-browser testing using Katalon studio.


Ranorex is developed by Ranorex GmbH. It is a GUI test automation framework. It is an all-in-one tool for desktop, web, and mobile applications. This is why it is being used by many companies. It supports the development of automation scripts using programming languages such as C# and VB.net. It looks after both beginners and experts. By providing a codeless click-and-go interface supports beginners and providing a full IDE helps experts to create the desired test modules.


Features of Ranorex

  • Using the Ranorex Recorder users can record and replay their actions on a desktop or a web-based application.
  • It supports web technologies (such as HTML, HTML5, flex, javascript), mobile apps (native iOS and Android apps).
  • Users can run tests locally or remotely.

Advantage of Ranorex

  • The code modules are reusable which helps in reducing the test maintenance.
  • You can also customize your test reports using Ranorex.
  • It integrates with tools like JIRA, Jenkins, Git, etc.


Selenium is a tool that is widely used in the market. It is an open-source web automation tool that can be executed in multiple browsers and operating systems. It is compatible with various programming languages such as Java, C#, Perl, python, ruby,  PHP and, javascript. Selenium also supports browsers like chrome,  firefox, IE, and also the headless browser and operating systems such as windows, mac, and Linux. Selenium is a suite of software. The selenium IDE provides record and playback functionality. Selenium RC and web driver are now merged to Selenium 2 that provides a programming interface for creating and executing test cases. Selenium grid allows a user to run multiple tests on different browsers and machines in parallel.


Features of Selenium

  • We can use selenium to create complex and advanced automation scripts.
  • It is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
  • Selenium can be considered as the base for other software testing tools.

Advantages of Selenium

  • The selenium test cases are reusable.
  • To broaden the scope of testing one needs to integrate selenium with third-party frameworks. For managing test cases and generating test reports you will have to integrate selenium with TestNG or JUnit and for cloud-based cross-browser compatibility, you’ll need LambdaTest.
  • Selenium supports almost all popular programming languages hence it is so easy to handle. 

Telerik Test Studio

Test Studio is a comprehensive test automation solution provided by Telerik. With Telerik Test Studio you can easily and conveniently test desktop, web, and mobile applications. It supports the record and playback tool that is well compatible with API testing, GUI testing, performance testing, and load testing. It also provides cross-browser support. 


Features of  Telerik Test Studio

  • It supports 2 scripting languages – C# and VB.net.
  • Telerik test studio allows parallel test execution and also has robust test reporting features.
  • It is compatible with real coding language – C# and VB.net.

Advantages of Telerik Test Studio

  • It supports test scheduling and remote execution.
  • The maintenance of the test script is quite easy and any change in the test cases can be easily implemented.
  • It can interact with aby file-based source control system.


TestComplete is an automation tool by Smartbear. It can be used to automate web, desktop, and mobile applications. Users can test using their favourite language as it supports various scripting languages such as VBScript, python, javascript. Along with that it also supports many testing techniques like regression testing, distributed testing, keyword-driven testing, and data-driven testing.


Features of TestComplete

  • All the scripts in TestComplete can be reused easily.
  • It helps you to create various complex automated test scripts without writing even a single line of code.
  • With the record and replay feature, users can easily build and run a functional UI test easily.

Advantages of TestComplete

  • It integrates well with all the Smartbear products.
  • It supports a wide range of products starting from native and hybrid iOS to android applications.
  • You can also perform parallel and cross-browser testing using TestComplete.


It is pronounced as “Water”. Watir is an open-source web automation testing tool that is used to test the web applications in Ruby. It is a very light-weighted tool. Watir supports your web application, not peeping into the technology in which it has been designed. You can use this tool to create simple, flexible, and easily maintainable automated tests. Although the scripting language is Ruby, users can yet automate their web application designed in any language.


Features of Watir

  • It can integrate with BDD (Behaviour Data-Driven) tools like cucumber and RSpec very easily.
  • It supports IE on windows and when combined with web drivers it supports firefox, opera, and headless browsers.
  • With ruby, you can take advantage of the feature to connect with the database.

Advantages of Watir

  • You can reuse and repeat the test scripts.
  • SAP, Oracle, Facebook are some companies that use Watir.


In the end, I would like to state that no software is 100% bug-free. The best approach is to test the software thoroughly and remove all the bugs. You can also add your teammates to this process. With LambdaTest you can share your bugs and errors with your teammates and can resolve them easily with loads of integrations. There are many other features of LambdaTest that make it stand out from the crowd but it ultimately comes down to your requirements and comfort.

We hope you liked this article. Keep reading! Keep testing!

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