Sticking with Safety: Social Distancing and COVID-19 Safety Stickers


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Retails shops and those in the food business will have to implement some form of COVID-19 prevention measures and remind their customers to disinfect and practice social distancing. What better way than having custom stickers printed and placed on areas where they can easily be seen?

Signs on Doors Improve Social Distancing

Putting on a face mask is easier than practicing social distancing since we’re always communicating with each other. We can curb this habit with small and simple reminders in conspicuous spaces, including entrance doors and where people tend to line up.

This encourages safe and healthy measures against COVID-19 and prevents further spreading of the disease. Plus, it’s easy to implement and relatively inexpensive. You can get your own custom stickers printed and affix your brand or company logo for better exposure.

Customized Decals on Floors Help with Even Spacing

Floor graphics are a welcome change to having signages all around. They make the customer aware that social distancing is to be implemented at all times even when they’re staring at a smartphone screen.

Designing a custom sticker can be tricky since you need it to be visible at a distance. Contrasting colors and big fonts can serve you well in this regard, as well as semi-permanent adhesive so it won’t get misplaced.

Sanitization Schedule Stickers on Restrooms Give Peace of Mind

For establishments with bathrooms, a sanitization board or sticker can put their clients’ minds at ease since it tells them when the last time it was cleaned and disinfected.

Labeled Seating Let Customers Know Where to Sit

Most seating options do not follow social distancing, and businesses mostly put signs on them or put up obstacles so they can observe proper health protocols.

These blockages tend to discourage customers from actually sitting down and buying, but you can turn this around by putting up eye-catching stickers that serve as gentle reminders.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.