Ways to Boost Internet Speed and Reduce Lag in Online Gaming

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When it comes to online gaming the better your internet connection the greater your edge.

Here are 4 ways on how you can increase internet speed and reduce lag when playing internet games.

Do a Quick Check

Before joining multiplayer games or online gambling it’s best to check your internet connection. There are some free bandwidth checking tools on the internet, and sometimes you can check your speed using your router software.

Acceptable internet speed can be as low as 5mbps for card games, casino games and others, but the idea is to make it as high as possible. If you know your internet speed and it’s only about a fourth of what you’re getting then it’s time to do a few changes.

What About Latency?

Latency is gauged by ping or lag, and it can dictate whether you win or lose especially in the heat of battle. Aim for the lowest latency possible.

Latency can be reduced by using a wired connection, getting near your router and eliminating bandwidth-hogging software and applications, such as torrent, streaming platforms and others.

Reset Your Router

One way to refresh your ISP speed is to do a reset. It’s simple and can be effective in many cases.

Locate the on/off button on your router and switch it off. Alternately you can unplug the router and wait for a minute. After that, turn it on by pressing the button or by plugging it in again. Wait for the internet to be established then try a speed test again.

Buy a New Router

Sometimes the bottleneck lies in the hardware you’re using. If your router is more than 10 years old then it could be holding you back from getting stable speeds.

Consider a WiFi 6 router or a mesh system that allows for more devices and greater distances. Connect to 5GHz network and you’ll see the difference in your online game.

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