What to Look for When Choosing a Hydraulic Press Machine

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In our daily life, we come across things of varying sizes and shapes. These things can be crafted to the desired shape via molding, blanking, punching, etc. All these techniques can be performed by using a hydraulic press machine. So, what is a hydraulic press, and how does it work?

A hydraulic press machine is a device consisting of a cylinder fitted with a sliding piston that exerts pressure upon a confined liquid, which produces a compressive force upon a stationary anvil. This machine comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and its capacity also varies depending upon how much pressure it can exert.
So given such variety, certain factors must be considered before choosing a particular hydraulic press.

1. Needs

It is essential to recognize what you want to do with the hydraulic press machine. It will help you get the best product and choose the most economical machine as well.

The range of abilities in a presser is extensive, like bending, blanking, drawing, forming, punching, etc. However, not all machines can carry out these functions, so analyzing your needs carefully is very important.

2. Tonnage

While choosing the best hydraulic press machine for sale, you should consider how much you will use the machine. One advantage of a hydraulic press machine over a mechanical press is that you can tune down to a lower tonnage depending upon a specific task. Shear strength is a measurement of the force needed to produce a sliding failure on a material. So, the nature of the material under consideration is also necessary before choosing a machine. The more tonnage you require, the more expensive the machine will be.

3. Press Type

Different hydraulic press machines perform different functions; however, some of them can do multitasking. The two main types of hydraulic press machines are C-Frame and H-Frame presses. C-frame is an open frame with three-sided access and can perform large amounts of work while taking minimum space. On the other hand, H-frames are much larger and generally more powerful than C-frame types. They also have better accuracy and power due to their symmetry.

4. Accessories and Tooling

Many modern hydraulic press machines come with standard features like dwell timers, automatic cycling, etc. However, some presses come with additional features that help improve the machine’s productivity and usability over a long time. Before purchasing a presser, it is important to consider the tooling for a wise decision.

5. Technology

Compared with the traditional stamping process, hydroforming has certain advantages in technical and economic areas. It reduces the number of parts and mold quantity, improves rigidity and strength, and decreases the production cost. Hydroforming is an advanced manufacturing technology for realizing a lightweight structure. So, hydroforming triumphs over welding and stamping.

6. Precision and Accuracy

Depending upon the production capacity, the accuracy and precision of a hydraulic press machine vary. If the batch is medium or small, there is a greater requirement for accuracy and depth, changeable shape, a precise requirement for the slider velocity, and pressure and position.

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