List of 10 Best Remote Working Tools for Remote Teams



The culture of working from home is quickly being adopted by organizations globally, with the number of employers allowing remote working growing steadily. However, culture poses significant challenges for many employers. It requires a complex infrastructure to coordinate activities of different departments flawlessly.

Fortunately, developers have come up with unique tools that you can use to work and manage your team regardless of their location. This article gives you reliable tips on how you can use remote working tools to manage your remote team members without having to break your banks. 

Best Remote Working Tools for Remote Teams

1. FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is one of the best remote working tools that allows you to transform static PDF files into highly interactive page-flipping eBooks that can then be shared internally within your company or even externally. The tool has an easy-to-use interface with numerous features that will make working from home pretty interesting. 

Even better, FlipHTML5 is a highly versatile tool with many customization options. Its flexibility makes it ideal for any professional. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher, a salesperson, a publisher, or any other profession, this tool will surely fit the bill. 

Besides flipping your PDF documents, it offers the following outstanding features:

  • Multi-Languages. You can select the language of your choice from the 17 available options, including English, German, Russian, Italian, Basque, Japanese, Dutch, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Hebrew, French, Greek, Czech, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and Spanish.
  • Highly Interactive Animation Editor. Create highly interactive animations to keep your target audience entertained.
  • Unlimited Hosting Cloud. When using this remote working tool, you’ll be assured of security and reliability. It also gives you a choice to self-host your platform.
  • E-Commerce. The platform allows you to sell your flipbooks and earnings paid to you through PayPal.

Please watch a video to learn how FlipHTML5 works.

2. Slack

If you want to get the best out of your remote teams, you must ensure flawless coordination of all activities. Slack is a unique communication tool that comes in handy when you want to organize your team into channels/groups for easier duty delegation and communication. This way, you ensure that direct messages only get to targeted individuals, thus reducing sorting time. 

Additionally, this tool allows you to share PDF files, images, videos, and other common files using a straightforward drag-and-drop technique. Interestingly, you can also record your voice calls for sharing and future reference. 

Overall, this tool provides essential communication channels and an easy-to-navigate user interface ideal for all your employees working remotely. It ensures that you monitor employee’s productivity effortlessly. 

3. ProofHub

This remote working tool helps you create seamless engagements with your remote teams. It gives a unique platform that allows you to interact with your clients and close deals with much ease. The tool comes with many extraordinary features such as chat to share feedback, online proofing, remote project management, and discussions. 

4. Dropbox

This is an online remote working tool that enables you to share large files over your email. When your remote workers are working on a common project, they can sync, collaborate, and share documents safely since the cloud storage system has an API. Some of the file types that your remote employees can share include Photoshop, Word Docs, PowerPoint, and Sketch. 

5. Google Drive

This is one of the most easily accessible remote working tools. It offers a cloud storage system that can help in file organization and sharing. All your remote employees can get access to shared documents, slides, and spreadsheets. Even better, you can open discussions, make suggestions, and edit the files in real-time. 

6. Trello

This is a platform that allows you to create a dashboard and add your employees, regardless of their location. Once you have your Trello account, you’ll create categories to separate the work based on departments. Each day, you’ll post your assignments on each card and assign them to specific employees.

Even better, you’ll be able to see the progress of each assignment as the employee can move it to a customized card, such as “Doing”, “To Be Done Later”, “Waiting for Clarification”, and “Urgent”, among other classifications.  

7. GitHub

This remote working tool is best suited for you if you’re managing web developers remotely. It allows your team members to participate virtually in code review and other coding assignments. Additionally, the platform has numerous resources that’ll help your team complete their tasks efficiently regardless of their location. 

8. Asana

This is a remote working tool that is designed to enable you to create and assign duties to your remote team members. It allows you to organize them, supervise their progress, and engage in real-time chats. Additionally, the platform enables you to share attachments from your Google Drive, computer, Box, or Dropbox. It has calendar features to allow you to assign deadlines to each task. 

9 Basecamp

This remote working tool comes with unique features to enable you to assign tasks to your employees and monitor the progress. It has live group chats, message boards, to-do-lists, automated check-ins, and flexible file storage features. What’s more, you can integrate it with other third-party tools for ease of customization. It has a chart feature that is easy to interpret, thus making it a breeze to detect and rectify errors.  

10. Jira

This is a platform that enables you to manage software development projects remotely. You can track the progress of every aspect of your project. It comes with highly flexible features including app integration, customizable workflows, scrum boards, roadmaps, Kanban boards, agile reporting, and track bugs. 

The Bottom Line

Working remotely is becoming the norm for many organizations. However, the success of this approach is highly dependent on your ability to manage your team remotely. As such, you should ensure that you have a remote working tool that will help you coordinate and supervise the activities of your team members. One of the best tools in the market today is FlipHTML5. The tool helps you transform static PDF files into highly interactive page-flipping eBooks. We recommend that you acquire it and watch as your remote team becomes more productive!

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.