Advancements in the Barber Industry



The barber industry has been in existence for the longest time possible. Both men and women have used this industry for many years. However, there have been recent innovations in this industry that has made it even interesting and more fun to visit any barber shop of your choice. The most recent innovations in this industry include the following.

Quiet Hair Clippers

There are people who feel uncomfortable when the hair clipper is vibrating on their heads. This is a very big issue especially to children who have to get regular haircuts. Toddlers find the normal clippers uncomfortable and if they move when being shaved, they may get their skin nipped with the clipper. This is why shaving experience should be made much more bearable for children. The good news is that there have been innovations and baby hair clipper have helped many barbers to get the best haircuts on children. This has been lifesaving as toddlers can now just sit there and get a haircut without any distractions from the clipper.

Internet connections

Almost all barber shops have strong internet connections. This is usually to the advantage of the clients as they can watch their favorite shows as they are being worked on. In addition to that, if you are going to get a different hairstyle or haircut that will take time to bring out, then you can stream videos online or even watch a movies as you are being shaved or plaited. This keeps clients engaged and they do not get bored at any point in the barber shop.


If you walk into the barber shop and you find the shop busy, and you are told to wait, you will enjoy the entertainment services that are offered. For instance, if the barber shop has a television, you will enjoy watching the show that is the TV and before you know it, it will be your turn to get your cut. Furthermore, this is also an advantage for parents who take their kids to the barber shops. For those executive barber shops that have kids section, the barber can put the child’s favorite cartoon on so that he or she haves an easy time working on the child. These form of entertainment are always used as a source of distraction especially for kids.

Massage, Manicure and Pedicure Services

Most of the barber shops offer massage services to their clients. Unlike the past where you could get a haircut and leave, the current barber shops offer head and full body massages to their clients after shaving or braiding their hair. In addition to that, in the past, a barber shop was only for men and nothing was done apart from shaving men. Today, all the executive barber shops also have women section where they get their hair and nails done. Clients who want full body massage can also do the same in the barber shops. These shops have become a full beauty package where you can get everything done and leave straight for work or to an event.


Every business wants to retain its clients and for this reasons, the barber industry started giving refreshments to the clients. As you get your service done, you have a refreshment to keep you stay hydrated and full. This helps in customer retention and attracts new clients too.

In summary, today, the barber industry has grown when compared to the past. Clients are getting more advanced services and privileges than they were receiving in the past. Therefore, all of the above are some of the recent advancements in the barber industry.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.