What are the differences between traditional marketing and marketing with social media?

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Since social media has appeared, a lot of changes have been made in marketing. Major changes at that. So, everyone has been on the debate about the differences between traditional marketing and social media marketing. Which one choose which business better or social media marketing is the best of all, no matter what? 

Choosing the right platform or more like, the right type of marketing has become harder and harder. Around a decade ago, social media was used to stay in touch with loved ones, to share pictures and happy moments. But it is more obvious than not that all of that has changed. Social media now is the source of everything, from news to e-commerce, from entertainment to education, everything is available on social media. Marketing on social media has risen to the point when in 2017 TV brought only 178 million dollars by digital ad spending, while on social media it was around 209 million dollars. This difference tells us about the direction that marketing is taking. 

In this article, we will discuss the difference between traditional and social media marketing. You can check different types of research design examples on the web. 

Traditional Marketing: 

Traditional media includes television, radio, prints, magazines, etc. This media has been in the lead for marketing for decades now. They have provided exposure and publicity for many brands and companies and organizations. The traditional forms of media are rather simple and very familiar as a means for marketing and people have been able to understand it very easily. Internet connection is not required for printed means of marketing, they are easier to carry and can be read anywhere, an example of this would be a poster or newspaper. Even studies have shown that hard copy marketing is easier for people to process mentally and to remember. 

While traditional marketing is easy to understand and simple as well, it is much more expensive as well. The opening that one can possibly get, has its influences on the kind of publicity the business or organization might get. So, booking or getting major slots will also ask for a heavy investment by the company. On the other hand, one cannot even measure the viewers’ reviews or get feedback from the general public after your ad has been released. This is a major drawback of traditional marketing. Another minor inconvenience would be to save any sort of information or data from traditional media is next to impossible. For instance, the company’s ads are not going to run forever, if we think up to a maximum number it can be a year or so and no one saves newspapers or magazines any more than a month maybe. 

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There are always advantages and disadvantages to things so, let’s cover the pros and the cons of traditional marketing methods:

The Pros

• One of the major advantages of traditional media is that it offers real-world interaction. Meaning the audience or viewers can touch, hear, feel and interact with this type of marketing, for instance, a product launch, you can’t achieve much with an online product launch like you can in real-life. 

• Live selling is also an amazing advantage. One can meet up with the salesman and discuss and question anything and everything about a product, unlike online. 

The Cons

• One major drawback of traditional marketing is that it forces itself upon the viewer. The response rate from the audience in this type of marketing is very low. 

• Another major disadvantage would be that a company might spend thousands on advertisements but there are so shared communities for the customers where they can interact so they don’t bother with the company. 

Social Media Marketing:

Marketing on social media is a dream for a retail brand as research has shown that around 91% of these brands use more than 2 social media platforms for marketing. In the last few years, social media has become a prime marketing mode for many organizations. With about 3 billion active users on social media, we cannot say that it doesn’t have amazing advantages. From social chat media to online news outlets, there are many social medias available.

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Social media marketing is very advance. The organizations and companies are not limited to a certain set of areas but one can target their marketing anywhere around the world. It is also less expensive than traditional marketing, which interests a lot of retailers. Interaction between the brand and the audience is also more available and the audience gives amazing feedback and reviews to the brand in a mannerly fashion since there are opportunities to do so. This understanding and interaction between customers and a brand does not only increase the loyalty and reputation of the brand but also gives important data and information which the companies can use to make improvements in their services and products. It’s a complete case study that come from after complete research via using different research methodology

Social media marketing, on the other hand, demands consistent monitoring and observation. This then raises the demand for a professional who can make use of all the available tools and make sure to have a good sense of marketing. Online marketing strategies are very different from real-life marketing strategies, so making good strategies is also very essential.

The tools available in the market for online promotions and marketing are amazing and in a great amount but if it is not a professional who is utilizing these tools to reach out to different audiences than there is a risk of the tools being used to targeting the wrong customers or audience. Marketing on social media is just posting aesthetic pictures, it is much more than that and therefore, requires consistent attention, great knowledge, and familiarity with the work environment.

The Pros

• There are no limitations of any sort and one can reach multiple different types of audiences at the same type from anywhere to anywhere. 

• Building a community. These communities are the reason repeat sales occur which increases the profit of a company, drastically.

• Another amazing advantage of digital marketing is the feedbacks and review rate which can allow a brand to grow more.

The Cons

• Tough strategies and constant attention of a professional. Online marketing requires professional workers to constantly record the data.

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