Team17 Updates Worms Armageddon 21 Years Post Launch

Arthur Whiteby:


The classic turn-based game featuring tiny worms with modern weapons is getting a huge update after over two decades, which was said to be in development for 7 years.

Version 3.8 for Worms Armageddon is out now, and Team17 has shared a video of the new features in action. In a blog post, the company outlined improvements in frame rates, the ability to customize matches and additional scheme options that adapt to the user’s hardware. Streaming and windowed mode are also improved, and new translations will be added later on.

There’s also a Mapshot feature, where players can save ‘snapshots’ or states of play and continue it later on. Game compatibility with Windows 10 is included in the update as well.

Patch 3.8 of Worms Armageddon has 61 new features, 45 changes and 370 fixes in total. Team17 says that overall the new version is ‘not bad’ considering that the game is already 21 years old. They’re now setting their sights on Worms Rumble next, which is currently in closed beta.

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