Amazon Autonomous Bots Now Delivering Packages in Atlanta and Franklin

Charles Norrisby:


The e-commerce giant’s bot delivery program, called Amazon Scout has now launched in Franklin, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Sean Scott, VP of Amazon says that the company is prepping to deliver packages within the two cities as part of a ‘field test’ program. Currently, the bots are also making rounds in Irvine, California and Snohomish County in Washington.

Scott says that they’re thrilled with the endeavor and that the inclusion of the two communities gives Scout the ability to operate on varied neighborhoods.

Amazon Scouts work just like regular deliveries, and there’s no need to sign up for extra services. Customers in select areas can just order products on Amazon like they normally would- Scout will then map out a track to their home and stop to deliver the package.

During its testing phase the Scouts will be accompanied by a live person dubbed ‘Amazon Scout Ambassador’. If successful, we can expect more of these cooler-sized robots to make the rounds and in more cities.

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