Spotify’s Vodcasts Can Now Be Accessed

Ellen Crossmanby:


Spotify has built up its podcasting feature with ‘vodcasts’, or audio shows that have video feeds. Users can now try the new video podcasts where it’s supported.

Premium and Free users should be able to view video content from The Rooster Teeth, Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, The Morning Toast, H3 Podcast, The Misfits Podcast, Fantasy Footballers and Book of Basketball 2.0.

Spotify plans to bring more vodcasts to subscribers soon. Its exclusive deal with Joe Rogan in ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ will also have video episodes as well. The company hopes that the new feature will bring fans closer and allow the creator to engage with their audiences better.

Currently, the video episodes are ‘stream only’ which means users cannot download it for offline viewing. To start watching,, users can play the content via mobile app or the web version and wait for the video to show up and sync with the audio.

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