What part of your body gets affected when sitting too long?

The body can be easily harmed by odd behaviors or even common ones if overdone. An example of it is represented in sitting too long harming our body. The harm can come from many angles, including blood work and just standard bone ache. However, the issue is to be resolved if possible and it should be done as soon as possible.

Why sitting down can be bad?

Sitting down is one of the ways we tend to relax and unwind some stress from our body. A quick sit down between bouts of strenuous work can help keep up the pace. However, overdoing it can lead to serious consequences on our body. After all, our body doesn’t like being in one position for too long. This can be seen after oversleeping where bits of it will grow stiff.

With sitting, the issue will mostly stem from constant focus of pressure on specific points of our body. This can result in a slew of issues which include problems with blood pressure, high blood sugar, and so on. Some of these issues will be tied to our bones and muscles, which is where chiropractor specialist Walk In can come in handy, especially with the ease of getting an appointment.

What parts of our body are most affected

Of course, not every part of our body gets most affected even if the general effects on our health are visible. Take extra care to treat and soothe the following bodyparts, as they are the ones that will suffer the most from excess sitting. The problems that can spiral from this are extremely dangerous for our long-term help, so do consider them.


Hips will often be the most strained as all of our upper weight now rests on them. Hips can start aching and prolonged, frequent sitting can cause extra stress on their joints. The problem can really get out of hand if this is a daily practice. Which is why proper stretching and even chiropractor visits can come in handy. As mentioned, Walk In clinic can offer just that for those looking for relief.


A proper sitting position will not hurt our back but correct seating is a rarity. It’s a skill that takes time to learn and a lot of discipline to maintain. Not to mention that bad chairs or other sitting arrangements will lead to this problem cropping up more. Our back can be made vulnerable to other problems if we frequently sit.


Although our knee joints may suffer, the true source of problem that’ll happen to our legs is the pooling of blood into them. In the seated position, excess blood may cause our veins to swell and start hurting. This is far from a comfortable situation and may need a chiropractor visit to resolve, Walk In remaining a great choice in that case. However, walking and stretching is also important. Take breaks while working or sitting to make the blood flow better.

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