Top 5 Potent Strains


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Here is a list of the most powerful CBD varieties that are currently available on the market.

Attention however, in France, the maximum legal rate of THC in the plant, flower, should not exceed 0,3%.

Therefore, although the varieties that we are going to give you are powerful, they will not have any intoxicating effect.

They present in addition a wide range of benefits, such as the relief of the anxiety or the fight against the big tirednesses.

First variety : Valentine X

This variety of CBD carries the name of Saint Valentine.

Symbol of the love, it also has an attribute related to the epilepsy. So this strain has this name because it has anticonvulsant properties.

Valentine X is an offshoot of the ACDC strain. It has been selected for medicinal purposes, with an exceptionally high CBD percentage of 25%.

It is the best choice for people suffering from convulsions.
It also presents effects of muscular relaxation and fights against all forms of pain.

Second variety : Hawaiian Skunk

Crossing between Sin City Kush and Harle-Tsu, this variety, the Hawaiian Skunk CBD also called Stephen Hawking CBD owes its name to one of the biggest spirits of the History.

As this one implies it, it has “intellectual” properties. It maintains productivity and concentration, while relieving pain and tension.

This strain is also often chosen to treat severe degenerative disorders, such as ALS or multiple sclerosis.

Third strain : Moon Rock Ice

Moonrocks Ice is a very powerful product.

It is about a flower of CBD covered with crystals of cannabidiol, they are them which preserve the most concentrated form of the CBD.

This variety is rather reserved for the informed consumers.

It takes the shape of the classic moonrock. In spite of its appearance of hard stone, as the classic Moon Rock, the ice is, it, not rolled in pollen, it is rather the crystals which constitute its shape.

The effects provided by the Moon Rocks Ice are very powerful. Indeed, the Moon Rocks Ice 80% is known for its relaxing and soothing properties as the Ketama Hash.

It ensures you a good relaxation and calms you enough to sleep well.

Fourth variety : Super Skunk CBD

The Super Skunk is a variety of mythical cannabis with dominant Indica.

Obtained by crossing different varieties of Skunk with Afghan plants, it produces powerful effects on the body, at the same time bold and relaxing.

It also helps to relieve symptoms related to stress and chronic pain.
Insomnia, depression or lack of appetite can also be treated by this variety.
Super Skunk is rich in CBD with a rate of 24.3%.
Like the original Skunk, the Super Skunk has a strong and pungent aroma of skunk. It delivers a rather intense woody flavor.

Fifth variety : the OG Kush

With its 22,4 % of CBD, the OG KUSH allows to relieve the chronic pains, notably the muscular tensions.

People suffering from a lack of appetite or sleep disorders will also find satisfaction in this variety.

It can also treat symptoms of depression and psychological disorders. Smoked or consumed in infusion, its effects can last several hours.
It is moreover preferable to consume it at the end of the day.

And even if among these flowers we do not have all to the Shop, many other varieties with the quite as powerful effects are available in our store of CBD.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.