How to Have a Healthy Work Life Balance

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A healthy work life balance can be elusive. We mean to set healthy boundaries but wind up getting immersed in our work. Whether it’s answering emails late at night, or answering calls on the weekend, setting boundaries is not always easy. Most of us want to be responsive and be seen as someone who goes above and beyond. Thankfully there are steps we can take to have a healthy work life balance.

Time Management

Schedule time to exercise, eat, and take breaks. In the same way that we schedule meetings, we can also schedule time for what’s important. As we block out time, we find it easier to take care of ourselves.


Commit to leaving your laptop on your desk and disconnecting from work at a predetermined time. Put your phone on silent mode after you’re done for the day. You can then check your phone once or twice to ensure you don’t miss any emergencies. By separating your workspace from your living space you’ll find it easier to maintain a healthy balance.


Exercising can be as simple as taking a walk or an online class. Just going outside can help to change your mood and improve your focus. Most forms of exercise releases feel good hormones. Doctors have long known that exercise is not only good for your physical health but for your mental well-being.


To disconnect means to clear your mind and focus on something else. This can be achieved through deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and hypnosis. Studies show that these options can actually help improve productivity. In fact, clearing your mind for as little as five minutes each day, can help improve your mood, your motivation, and your health.

Know Thyself

Understanding Your Strengths means that you don’t waste time spinning your wheels on something that is not part of your wheelhouse. It also means knowing when you are most productive. Some people are morning people and others are afternoon or evening people. Schedule the most important projects during the time of day when you know you are productive.

Fuel Your Body

Food is fuel for your body. It is essential that you make healthy choices. By making healthy food choices, people can feel better, healthier, and more motivated. Eating healthy foods also helps you to stay energized and focused while working.

Stay Motivated

Some people need help staying motivated. Sticking to a diet or exercising regularly may seem difficult to some. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to boost motivation and overcome procrastination. More and more people are seeing excellent results by using hypnosis to lose weight. Hypnosis can help clients exercise regularly, and automatically make healthy food choices.

Taking the time to make time for what’s really important can help you be more productive and happier. Seek out help when needed in the form of a meditation app, an exercise class, a skilled hypnotist, or a nutritionist. We spend most of our lives working, why not optimize how we work to ensure a healthy work life balance.

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