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People who often use the computer have such experience. If they stare at the computer for a long time, they will feel uncomfortable in their eyes. They will feel dry, tired, itchy, gravel in their eyes, and may tear in the wind. With the popularity of tablet computers and smartphone applications, dry eye is gradually spreading to more people. The dry eye makes a pair of watery eyes dry.

Dry eye is a kind of eye disease with lacrimal secretion disorder, caused by many factors. Dry eye is often accompanied with an itching sensation, foreign body feeling, burning feeling, photophobia, blurred vision, and vision fluctuation. Dry eyes can cause weak vision, night blindness, and even blindness. The dry eye should be paid attention to by the public, and the cause of dry eye should be checked and treated in time.

With the popularization of electronic equipment, the number of people suffering from dry eye seems to be increasing, so the demand for dry eye examination equipment is also increasing. However, the causes of dry eye are complex and diverse. There are four main types of dry eye causes: Aqueous deficient type, Over evaporation type, Mucin deficiency type and Abnormal tear dynamics type. Traditional dry eye examination methods cannot quantify the diagnosis and quickly identify the cause, and the examination process is complicated. The medical industry urgently needs professional dry eye examination equipment to deal with dry eye disease. Professional dry eye examination equipment can help the medical industry better diagnose the cause of dry eye, improve the efficiency of medical treatment, and bring convenience and more profits to the medical industry.

What conditions should a good dry eye examination equipment have?

Provide quantitative analysis of inspection data

Dry eye examination equipment should carry out quantitative diagnosis and express unknown factors with specific data to analyze the dry eye’s etiology and carry out corresponding treatment of eye dryness treatment.

Accurately assess the cause of dry eye

It is precisely because doctors cannot accurately assess the cause of dry eye with the naked eye, we need the assistance of scientific equipment. A good dry eye examination equipment should accurately assess the cause of dry eye.

Standardize dry eye examination process

The traditional dry eye examination process is complicated, which is very inconvenient for doctors or patients. The complicated inspection process wastes human resources and material resources, and there may be errors and omissions in the inspection process that may lead to abnormal inspection results. A good dry eye examination equipment should standardize the dry eye examination process, reduce complicated procedures, and better assist doctors in diagnosis.

Today, science and technology are more advanced. Scientific equipment in all aspects of life has given humans much convenience. The progress of equipment will certainly promote the progress of medicine. As a chronic disease, dry eye is disturbing the health of many people. However, the traditional examination methods for dry eye can not quantify the diagnosis and determine the cause, and the examination process is complex. At this time, good dry eye examination equipment is essential. As for dry eye examination equipment, I highly recommend MediWorks dry eye diagnostic system.

MediWorks dry eye diagnostic system can provide a standardized examination and quantified causes evaluation for eye dryness remedy. MediWorks dry eye diagnostic system can do non-invasive break up time examination; non-invasive tear meniscus height examination; evaluation of Meibomian glands function; lipid layer thickness examination; eyelid margin examination; AI analysis of conjunctival hyperemia; cornea sodium fluorescein staining examination and get a dry eye comprehensive evaluation report. As for a professional and accurate dry eye examination, MediWorks dry eye diagnostic system can help with eye dryness treatment. 

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