Gaming Trends to Watch for in 2023



The gaming industry may have settled down after the pandemic but it’s still a profitable and respectable niche. Online games, eSports and mobile games are expected to continue growing in the next decade or so. For 2023, here are 5 gaming trends to watch out for.

Casino Games on the Rise

Online casinos offer several benefits and advantages compared to its traditional land-based counterparts. It’s easy to find a casino not on GamStop that provides the same experience, gameplay and rewards of a brick and mortar location.

Betting is lucrative, and people are willing to spend on their hobby for enjoyment and the thrill of winning a huge monetary jackpot. Also, casino games are now more accessible than ever, with some companies offering apps and browser versions so you can play anytime, anywhere.

That said, we can expect the online casino industry to grow leaps and bounds heading into 2023.

VR and AR Focused Gaming

While it’s true that VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) games have been around for quite some time, it’s believed that their true potential hasn’t been reached yet. Pain points such as smoother frame rates, higher resolutions and games will need to be addressed before VR and AR games become mainstream.

With Apple releasing its much-awaited AR and VR headset there could be some kind of movement within the industry, and developers may sit up, take notice and begin creating games that are worthy of consumers’ attention.

No More Exclusive Console Games

The line and divide between different console gamers is finally blurring, as more and more game companies have demolished the concept of ‘exclusive games’. This means that a franchise game that’s existed on a specific hardware before will be finally available on a different console.

PC, Xbox, Playstation and the Nintendo Switch now have equal opportunities to provide entertainment. It benefits the consumer and the community as a whole since they wouldn’t need to buy a specific device in order to play a single game.

Better Hardware and Devices

The technological trend continues even amid the pandemic. In the smartphone industry, better components and hardware are being developed to make their devices faster and more capable than ever. The same applies to tech-related niches such as online gaming.

Online gaming can definitely benefit from these hardware innovations. Higher battery capacity and quick charging, for instance, allow gamers to play for longer and without having to be interrupted. Faster mobile network technology helps reduce lag and latency when playing a competitive online game. And the list goes on.

Mobile and Online Games Continue to Grow

Mobile and online still trend upwards, and it will be the same next year. It’s fueled by innovations in mobile tech and from well-known giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Samsung, just to name a few.

Online games and mobile are exactly what people are looking for, and this trend won’t die down anytime soon. As long as smartphones remain the device of choice for everyday tasks and content consumption, we can expect online games to thrive.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.