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There are many different slot variations out there, some of the most popular slot types deviate from the traditional format such as Megaways slots at Mr Luck. They offer players a bigger experience with many paylines active.

Recently, there has been a brand new slot variation making headlines, the Megaquad slots. These are a practically brand new form of slot game that offers completely different gameplay and designs for players to enjoy. Below is the Megaquad slot explained, from what they are to what makes them different to other slot types.

What are Megaquads?           

Megaquads are a brand new game engine which was developed by Big Time Gaming. It’s main goal is to add an additional aspect of fun and innovation to your typical slot game, there is an ever evolving payout potential for players to enjoy.

The game engine has four different sets of reels which can work either together or independently depending on which bonuses are on offer, each set of four reels offers two hundred and fifty six different ways to win! When the different sets of reels combine together, there will be over sixty five thousand different ways to win.

There is potential that there will be eight reels which are active during a turn. There are bonus features which come with Megaquads for the players to enjoy, they will be offered things such as bonus spins when all the grids are linked. The best part of this bonus feature is that any multipliers that the player has previously triggered will carry over into the bonus game.

What is the History of a Megaquad Slot?

Megaquad slots are actually a relatively new innovation in the slot world, they definitely have the potential to be the next big thing. The Megaquad slots were developed by Big Time Gaming, this developer is known for creating innovative and technologically advanced slot games. The very first Megaquad slot was released in September 2020, it was simply entitled Megaquads Slots and it served to introduce slot players to the new gaming format.

What are the Differences of a Megaquad slot?

The Megaquad slot has many differences from other slot types, while it still has similarities in terms of some aspects of gameplay. A big difference in a Megaquad slot from a Megaways slot for example is that Megaways offer players a much more traditional experience despite the large number of paylines on offer. Megaways slots are relatively simple to understand and use, whilst Megaquad slots will require the attention of players in order to use them properly. Another difference is that Megaquad slots are better suited to players who have a higher budget, as they payout on a much more infrequent basis but when they do eventually payout the amount that players receive will be much higher.

In Summary

The Megaquad slot was created by Big Time Gaming in September 2020, it offered innovative and exciting features for players to enjoy such as the chance to have four different sets of reels working simultaneously. The Megaquad is ideal for players who want some big wins as there are over sixty five thousand different ways to win when the reels combine together.

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