How Learning Your Love Language Can Help Your Relationship



You have probably heard of the 5 Love Languages, but do you know what your love language is and how it can benefit your relationship?

The 5 Love Languages

Developed to express love, the five love languages dates back to 1922. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book about the five different ways that people give and receive love. Almost 100 years later, and it is still an effective theory that can strengthen relationships.

  1. Words of Affirmation- spoken words, praise, appreciation, and kind compliments.
  2. Quality Time – spending time with each other. Going out of the way to make special time for someone.
  3. Physical Touch – physical affection, holding hands, and giving a massage.
  4. Acts of Service – doing nice things such as filling up the car with gas, getting coffee for your partner, doing things you know your partner likes.
  5. Receiving Gifts – gift-giving and putting thought into the actual gift.

Your language of showing love is not always the same as receiving it. Meaning, you could resort to acts of service as your way of showing love, but appreciate words of affirmation as your receiving love language. Once you figure out your love languages, it can make showing and receiving love much easier.

How Your Love Language Can Impact a Relationship

Learning your love language and your partner’s love language can be very beneficial. For one, it can open up a much-needed line of communication. And for two, it can make you feel more appreciated, as well as your partner.

Oftentimes, struggling relationships stem from lack of communication and just not feeling loved. Learning your love language can help you easily express your love and recognize it. It could be that your partner is showing their love, you just don’t realize it.

Realizing and noticing how your partner is showing their love is going to make you appreciate them even more, strengthening any relationship. Those little gestures will actually mean something!

Taking the time to learn your love language and notice your partner’s love language is going to open up a whole new world of meaning behind actions and words, making your relationship better than ever.

Other Methods

If you and your partner are struggling in your relationship, another beneficial option is to attend marriage therapy in Scottsdale. Some may even use the five love languages in their therapy sessions.