How To Change Your Luck In Minutes By KBC



Let me clear at first that we are not going to suggest you black magic or bank loot to change your luck overnight. Nothing can change your luck but hard work and proper planning. You may question the hard work, but we said you would need proper planning to be successful. Here in this article, we will discuss some smart, hard results that can forever change your luck. Please scroll below to know the tricks and tips.

Pro tips to change your luck


The lottery is the best and easiest way to change your luck overnight. By overnight, we mean it in words. All you have to do is buy some lottery tickets and wait for the raffle draw. Once the sponsors and the organizers take your name out, you will get the prize money. Some people confuse it with illegal game-fixing or betting. But it is nowhere like that. The sponsors invest a lot of money, and ticket sales are massive. The investors can also stake the cash in their business or stock market to repay the lottery winners’ money. Here are some tips to win the lottery more often than you imagine.

Be careful with the ticket.

Most of us have a dilemma and second thoughts about buying a lottery ticket. We hear it very often that these lotteries never pay the full amount, or none is Lucky enough to win it at the first shot. It would be best if you never believed it when you buy a lottery ticket, read out the numbers very carefully and keep it somewhere safe. You can mark down the lottery draw dates in a calendar to not forget the date.

Look for the second chance.

Suppose you followed all the steps mentioned above, and finally, the organizers didn’t take your name. We understand the feeling is too disappointing, and you would want to throw the ticket aesthetics and never buy lottery tickets ever in your life. But, wait a bit and find out from the lottery website if they offer a second raffle draw on the losing tickets. You might get the double luck there and win a handsome amount. That’s why people say slow and steady wins the race.

Be the rare one

People usually tend to be in the flock and choose similar things. That’s where most of the lottery buyers make a mistake. The chances of an occasional series to win are far higher than a familiar series. So, it would be best if you tried to get the unique and rare numbers for your lottery tickets.

Quiz Taking

If you can’t believe fully in your luck and want to take the things in your hands, then the best option for you is the quiz shows and lottery games. Here you invest your knowledge but money to win prizes. It is not more manageable, but the win rate is higher as you can prepare for the game. KBC is one of the most popular tv quiz shows that offers up to five crore Indian rupees for the right answers. If you re-watch the previous seasons, you will be able to make a pattern of the topics from where they ask the most of the questions. If you give more concentration to those sections, none can stop you from being the KBC lottery winner 2021.


If your general knowledge is not that good, then there are other options available too. You can bet on a contestant and win the money if your prediction comes right. It is the more comfortable option but not as reliable as the forecast can always go wrong and cost you more.

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