Is a Wallet Chain a Good Fit for Your Style?



A wallet chain is not for everybody. If you don’t have a wallet equipped with a grommet to thread a chain, you don’t need it. If you don’t have pants with durable belt loops, you don’t need it. If you consider a wallet chain to be just a fashion accessory, you don’t need it. But if you require an easy way to keep your wallet and its content safe, you do really need a chain. Especially, if you are used to keeping your billfold in pant’s pocket and you’re not going to change your habits.

A wallet chain is one of the much-loved accessories in the biker community. When you ride for hours on end, your safety can’t be compromised, including the safety of your belongings. Motorcyclists came up with a clever solution to attach a wallet to a chain, and then attach this chain to their pants or belt. It is not that wallet chains didn’t exist before bikers but they introduced a simple and reliable design for both wallets and chains to perfectly complement each other. This is how we got biker wallets and biker wallet chains.

A massive metal chain hanging around the hips looked so awesome that fashion couldn’t ignore it. Soon, chains appeared in the wardrobe of punks, metalheads, grunge rockers, hip hop artists, and everyone who listened to these music genres. They didn’t even need a wallet for their chain. It became a fashion accessory, just like earrings or necklaces. But this post isn’t about fashion. After all, these chains are out of style right now so why bother to talk about their currently non-existent modish appeal? This post is about types of wallet chains for those who wish to wear them as a means of security for their billfolds.

  1. Made of Metal

The sturdiest type of wallet chain is made of metal – steel, brass, or silver. The noble metal is inferior to steel in durability but it is head and shoulders above it in terms of the look and the feel. It is a truly valuable thing for every biker and is always carefully selected to showcase his or her individuality. Silver is a more pliable metal meaning it can create so much cool designs. Plus, it can be polished, brushed, blackened, or oxidized to offer a variety of finishes. But, of course, silver is more expensive, so a pretty hefty item is going to cost hundreds of dollars. If you keep affordability and durability in mind, your best choice is steel.

  1. Made of Leather

Even less sturdy but even more appealing, leather wallet chains are ideal for those who want to put together a vintage look. They lend themselves well to holding a wallet in place but if someone yanks it with force, you will no longer have an unbroken chain. Besides, leather isn’t that great in the rigorous of outdoor weather conditions so snow, cold, rain, and sun exposure may dramatically shorten its service life. Nevertheless, leather chains find many fans among bikers thanks to their lightweight, noiselessness, reasonable price, and good compatibility with leather outfits.

Leather chains aren’t chains per se. They are braids and cords made of several thin strips of leather. They feature metal clasps and, sometimes, thin metal chains to create an extra accent. Besides, they offer a greater selection of colors including traditional black and brown as well as graphite, burgundy, dark green, tobacco, and many others.

  1. A Wealth of Designs

The construction of every chain for a wallet is pretty straightforward – there is a chain itself, a clasp to be attached to a belt’s loop, and a hook to get through a wallet’s grommet. Some models offer a leather loop that gets around the belt. Everything is pretty simple and functional. However, when it comes to the look of a chain itself, designers let their imagination go wild. Besides quite standard round links, you can meet styles with skull images, dragon claws or scales, crowns, royal lilies, Iron Crosses, and many other awesome designs. While they look so captivating, their price rises sky-high and so does their weight. However, if you consider getting an item for biker rallies specifically, it makes sense to shell out for something that knocks socks off.

More Than Wallet Security

A wallet chain is both a means of security and a fashion statement (in biker circles, mostly). But did you know that a really good chain can come to the rescue when you’re stranded? Let’s say you’re riding your bike and something comes off. You can use your sturdy chain to hold it in place till you get to a repair shop. Or if someone threatens your life and you see that a fight is impossible to avoid, a heavy chain can become your weapon. Or if you spent all your money, you can trade your nice silver chain for gas, food, and a trip back home. See, a wallet chain is a real friend for a biker, not only security for his or her belongings.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.