Tiffany Gaines: The Entertainment Executive Teaching Artists How to Earn



Owner and founder of SS Global Entertainment, Tiffany Gaines, is known as the AAA to the Industry simply because of a strategy she teaches that allows artists to actually earn from their music unlike the popular service fee distribution platforms offering artists distribution for a small fee per project or annually. One fixed fee invested in her company, and an artist, manager or label owner automatically receives discounts to the necessary services offered to launch an artist’s career. From global distribution, marketing and PR, the online agency offers everything under the sun.

She has managed to partner with some of the top leading companies in the independent scene producing major label results. She has managed to offer services working with reputable entities and A&R representatives from major labels such as Interscope, Universal Music Group, BMG and Empire, just to name a few.

Her company currently distributes and markets for over 4,000 artists and 47 sub labels and has since become recognized as a significant force in the independent scene with no direct backing from a major corporation.  

She has managed and worked with some of the most influential people in the business and continues to strive to make an imprint in the scene of entrepreneurs in both the music and entertainment business.   

For artists who are not earning from their music, Gaines signs them non-exclusively allowing them to see for themselves the effectiveness in her role and services offered. Once signed, she distributes their music, teaches the artist, manager or label owner how to register their music properly, then offers them the know-how on how to begin their road to earning and learning through her teachings. There is no company that has made a lasting impression the way she has in the work ethic she has put out in nearly two decades of commitment towards creating a lane for independent entrepreneurs. She finds the loopholes to issues each individual has within their climb towards success and then fills them with solutions. She is one of the few who have mastered the blueprint and is not afraid of sharing her success with those who invest in her efforts.

Gaines has a goal to service and teach 10,000 artists before she considers retirement. She currently has a total of 88 talent scouts working towards bringing potential clients who have what it takes, just not the resources to strive to that next level of exposure. She’s almost halfway towards her goal and at the rate she’s climbing, it looks promising as her name has now begun to reach the global airways.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.