Online Gaming: Make Your Money Big



People love to bet because they love the uncertainty and the thrill. The adventure has always been our best serve. Now if this passion brings money nothing can be better. No wonder the gaming industry is the most glamorous with the highest turnover.

But everything is not as easy as it seems. This industry has multi-million dollars of investment now. So the security issue comes along.  With time the traditional casino has entered our phones and the Internet. With this comes the hacking and online transaction hassles. If you are a newbie, most probably won’t even get access to the inner circle for the first time.

What is the solution? 

The easiest solution is a merchant account for such transactions. As the banks need a clear history of transactions and deposits the process is long and sometimes can end up with refusal.

Because the gaming investment is labeled as high risk and banks need to be assured repayment. To save the time and tedious process a merchant account is all you need.

What is a Merchant account?

A merchant account is a specialized trade account that connects the buyer and seller both. They allow huge transactions on card houses or casinos for buying chips, coins, and spins with no Inquiry. As a high-risk investment sector, merchant accounts usually offer chargebacks, which is the refund policy of banks. That means your money is in safe hands.

Why do I Need A Merchant Account? 

A merchant account connects your normal bank card to the casino site. You will get a detailed record of every single transaction. This will help you to prevent any mitigation on your bucks. 

Also, the multi-currency conversion back up is important. In normal banks, they provide an international standard of currency conversion, which can be high due to zonal differences with additional or hidden charges. Merchant accounts save you the extra money. They help the credit card or VISA to accept casino currency. This is feasible for both parties.

How to open? 

Opening an online casino merchant account is easier than paying for Mcdonalds. Follow the steps below and you’ll be in a world of fun and money.

To log infill the form with some information like

– Email,

– URL of the casino,

– Skype ID

– Turnover volume. 

After submitting, the merchants will contact you for verification. Follow the steps and you’re good to go. Forget about the payment hassle, focus on your research and analysis to make some money.

Tips for Online Betting:

This is a world of the game. Remember almost everything is a game here, not only the spins and roulette. So people are trying to scam you everywhere.

Try to do your research yourself before playing a game or buying a membership of a gaming platform. The mid-level brokers are paid huge amounts of money to convince you to join a particular site/casino. But this can be a no go for you. Be aware of your pocket and picks. 

Never invest the full amount in a go. This game can change your luck overnight. Remember it can be bad as well. First, go slow, learn, analyze, and when you feel it’s the time go for it and make it big.

Check the legality of the casino. If it is not protected under the gaming law of the state most probably they’ll vanish into thin air one fine morning with all your hard-earned money. Be aware of this one.


Being rich is everyone’s favorite. Betting is one of the fastest ways to get there. There is risk in every investment. So here it is here. Open a merchant account and open your mind. Things will be easier. 

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.