The Story Behind Wiese’s football song



What is better than the fan-favorite, chart topping song ‘Me e Viking’ by Wiese?

An updated version coming from the Norwegian DJ, producer and songwriter himself!

Norway-born Trygve Wiese-Haugland, otherwise known as ‘Wiese’ shot to fame when he played the song ‘Me e Viking’ at the opening ceremony of the football club Viking FK in 2004. Wiese made history by being the first artist to perform at the famous stadium, which has also hosted famous artists such as Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams and R.E.M.

The History of Me e Viking

‘Me e Viking’ was created when Wiese was just 18 years old. He based it on an existing anthem for a local sports team, with lyrics that he made to suit the purpose.

Originally, Wiese wanted a tune that was upbeat, joyful and easy to sing along to. What he did not expect was that the song would become an overnight success and inspire him to, 15 years later, become a rising star in the EDM genre.

The Re-Editing of the Original

Just recently, Wiese asked his followers on his Instagram-account if it needed an upgrade. When the fans responded that they really wanted a remake, Wiese took it upon himself to make a new, even better version.

The first thing Wiese wanted to do was to turn it into a pop song. In 2019, the Norwegian artist gave it a technical upgrade and re-released it under a different name ‘Viking’. Wiese collaborated with Joakim Harestad Haukaas to bring the project to fruition. Haukaas, aka kid joki is an accomplished music producer and one of Wiese’s best friends.

The upgraded version of ‘Me e Viking’ just shows how the talented music producer has evolved from a bright-eyed young man to a more mature artist that it will be exciting to pay attention to going forward.

Rumor has it that Wiese has a lot of interesting projects ahead and that he will continue to  refine his music style to keep serving catchy tunes.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.