Companies that Donate to Silent Auctions



Charity auction attracts numerous donations. As the donors go through the website of the charity organizer, they can learn more about the event and the prime objective of organizing the auction. So, in this article, we will check out more about the companies that donate to silent auctions

Charity Safaris

Established in 2009, Charity Safaris has always strived to be one of the leading sites for fundraising. While the team works closely with auctioneers, it works dedicatedly to make the event successful. Once a person wins at an auction event, the team will later help them head for a hunting trip. However, the fundraiser can use the funds that have been raised to help communities in numerous regions. The non-profit company doesn’t have to bother paying Charity Safaris anything. The non-profit organization team can also sell the hunting trips as many times as possible. When the winners consider a hunting trip with Charity Safari, they can consider a trip to South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand.


While Big Lots offers support to many communities, it helps enrich the lives of children and families. Once the team invests in partnerships, it provides support in gift cards, in-kind merchandise, or monetary gifts. Furthermore, the professionals are more than happy to serve many regions. Besides its office in Columbus, Big Lots runs more than 1000 stores in 47 states of the US. Everyone at the company always works with a common goal of building a better world across the nation.

Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale is always on its mission to support children and help them move ahead with quality education. Additionally, the team also offers health and human services for the communities around the location of its workplace. But, if a company wants to lend support to Costco, it should be a 501(c)(3) non-profit company. The organization should also make requests for donations to enhance the overall development of children. Depending on the organization’s size, the team must enter the relevant details through separate forms.

Oriental Trading Company

To make the world a better place to live, Oriental Trading Company strives to enrich the lives of children. While the company supports programs, it stresses various programs that can help towards improving healthcare and human services. If you wish to place a donation request, you can directly visit the official website. While entering the details, you must state the event type and clearly state the purpose. Moreover, it’s necessary to mention more about the event and your organization.

Barnes & Noble

As the company focuses on making the nation literate, Barnes & Noble supports many non-profit organizations. Moreover, if there are any fundraising opportunities, it includes holiday gift-wrapping and many in-store book fairs. To date, the company has hosted around 100,000 community events annually. Barnes & Noble has served more than 600 communities across 50 states. It has also been one of the leading book retailers in the US. The entire team also seeks to partner with individuals willing to organize in-store events.

Carnival Foundation

Through the years, Carnival Foundation has always worked to bring about a positive change by empowering the youth. As the organization can support many organizations through in-kind and monetary donations, it has been able to help the homeless. The Foundation has also been working towards educating the youth communitywide. Best Buddies International, the American Cancer Society, and the Museum of Discovery & Science are some of the organizations with which the Foundation works closely to enhance the development of children.

On a concluding note, Charity Safaris has always been the leading company that raises funds for a worthy cause. On the other hand, Oriental Trading Company also helps improve living standards through numerous programs. Besides, you will also come across the Carnival Foundation and Barnes & Noble, which raise funds for the overall development of communities. Big Lots is yet another organization that offers the best possible support through different gifts. Costco Wholesale also accepts donations from other organizations to support children with the education they deserve.

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