Car Scrapping: All you need to know



Not only are some two million cars now disposed of each year in the UK, but you can sell your car or van to a company that has a national network of collectors that allows it to pay the highest possible prices. If the car is old, damaged or has failed its most recent MOT test, scrapping is a great alternative option.

Why Car Scrapping is a Great Alternative

Scrapping old cars benefits the owners as it creates an all-around win-win situation. It involves removal of polluting vehicles from the road and keeps the environment free from pollution. Plus, there’s the opportunity to make a little bit of money from it. Any spare parts that can be reused will go on to be recycled and reused across many different industries, saving the need for new materials to be produced.

Scrap Cars For Cash make use of only environmentally approved facilities, working solely with Government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). So you can get rid of your vehicle in a safe, ethical and environmentally friendly way!

Scrapping Procedure

In order to get a quote for your vehicle, simply enter your postcode and registration number into our online quote form. With just a few details from you, you can get an instant quote for your car or van, whether it’s in good condition or not! Once you’ve selected the quote you want, our team will be in touch to get the collection of your vehicle arranged on a date and time that suits you best. Upon arrival your chosen buyer will ensure the vehicle was described accurately, they will give you a hand with the necessary paperwork and answer any questions you may have. They will load the vehicle and take it away. You’ll receive your payment swifty. Find out more on the car scrappage process.

How Much is my Vehicle Worth?

The value you receive for your car is largely determined by its weight. However, other factors that can determine the value of the vehicle are make, model and condition. To find how much your car or van could be worth in just 60 seconds, get a quote from Scrap Cars For Cash.

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