Choosing The Right Pop Up Displays



Pop-up display walls are a common phenomenon when it comes to advertising events and the market industry. A pop-up stand has a pop-up frame structure and PVC graphic panels. They are great at creating eye-catching and professional backdrops for shows, events, and exhibitions. Pop-ups are different from banner stands in that the banners stands have smaller displays featuring a retractable graphic system and are lightweight. On the other hand, pop-ups have larger screens with graphics added manually to create a seamless back wall. 

Why use a pop-up stand?

These are pretty common display stands used to promote an organization, and here, you attach printed graphics to a latticed frame. They are pretty prominent at trade shows and exhibitions and very good with indoor marketing spaces like shopping centers, networking events, hotel lobbies, and such. 

Benefits of using pop up displays

They’ve high impact

Despite being lightweight and small, pop-up displays are a visually striking display stand. And because of the medium size, they can be used in space-only floor spaces, shell schemes, and such. An excellent exhibit design will get you more attention and thus better results. With a pop-up display, your marketing message gets home quickly, and the design is very appealing to the visitors. They are also highly versatile and, therefore, can practically work with any space. Thus you can take your displays to whatever events you have and increase the space to set up the display. They are a great way to increase your brand’s exposure. 

Light and portable

The traditional exhibits are usually heavy, with so many parts to fix. A pop-up display is a lighter alternative that you can carry depending on the style or model. The frames are made of lightweight and modern materials, durable, and can fold up, making them pretty convenient. Having some foldable pop-up displays, you can carry them in your car and thus save on transport.

They maximize brand message.

There is the use of some large canvas when making pop-up displays. That allows you space to optimize the brand’s message. Businesses want to engage customers maximally in trade shows or exhibitions. But when the information on the displays is not clear, the prospects feel intimidated and thus shy off. A pop-up display gives you the space to display your message.

It’s professional

Every opportunity you get to interact with your customers must be utilized well to benefit the business. A pop-up display is designed creatively and professionally, thus making an impression and engages potential leads to ensure success in the event. Your sales team won’t have a hard time explaining your offerings. They can check out from the Trade show displays and make their decisions. 

It’s impressive

Pop-up displays that are well designed create an impression on the prospect. If creatively done, you can be sure it will attract so many people to your stand. It makes a bold statement by identifying what your company does.

To get the best pop-up displays that are eye-catching and will draw the visitors’ attention, you’ve to get a professional who understands that pretty well.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.