Why You Don’t Want To Go The Cheapest Route On Car Window Tinting



The Best Possible Results are Worth Every Penny You’ll Spend

Window tint makes cars look good and function better. It makes sporty cars look even more sporty and makes family sedans more comfortable. So there’s naturally no question why someone would want to add a window film to their ride.

Many car owners opt to go the DIY route for car window tinting and buy inexpensive films from car part stores, which is totally fine, if you love being frustrated by a complex, multi-step process, and look forward to having to start over multiple times to get it right.

Cutting corners with your window tint is never going to yield the best results, and what happens next might disappoint you.

Don’t Buy Cheap Window Film

Your car isn’t a cheap off-brand, so why would you put something in or on it that is? Don’t you want the parts and accessories you buy for your car to last just as long as your ride?

Cheaply made window tint may be tempting to buy because the prices are so low. But the installation process and its durability will leave you wishing you had forked over a bit more cash to buy a better product.

For your car tinted windows are best achieved using a high-quality product. Quality products adhere well to your auto glass and aren’t easy to tear simply by handling it. You’ll also get a smoother application when your window tint isn’t flimsy. Cheap tints may not hold up as well, and will fade in color over time because they don’t include the necessary components to last in the sun.

Quality window tint does more than darken the windows in your ride. It also protects you and your car’s interior from damaging UV light. Cheap window tint doesn’t do this.

Hire a Professional

It is entirely possible to install window tinting yourself. Many people are quite successful in doing so. However, that isn’t the norm. And if you’ve never handled a product like window tint before, or if you aren’t sure you have a steady hand and utmost patience, you are far better off taking your car to see a window tinting pro.

Installing window tint is far more difficult than sticking a piece of plastic over your window and calling it a day. Specialized equipment and liquid solutions make the process go smoother, and an expert hand means your results are flawless, free of air bubbles, and ready to work for you.

Or Learn to Accept the Flaws

If you don’t want to hire a professional to install your window tinting, and you choose the DIY route, you’ll want to get used to the concept of acceptance.

You’ll have to accept that your tinting isn’t applied perfectly. That your windows rolling up and down pull at the bottom of the tint. That distracting air bubbles plague your passengers’ visions and just don’t look good.

If your main focus is saving money on tint and installation, and you’re OK with an imperfect job, go ahead and install the window tint yourself. Start by watching an extensive lineup of instructional videos and reading the literature that came with your roll of tint.

Know the Laws In Your Area

Window tinting professionals can not only apply film perfectly the first time, and in far less time than it would take you to DIY, but they also have another important thing going for them.

When you take your car to a reputable shop, your tint tech will never let you apply a window film that is too dark and in violation of your area’s traffic laws. They know the level of tint that came on your windows from the factory, and can calculate what the new level of tint will be once your new film is applied

They can then compare that to the law to ensure you won’t get pulled over and ticketed for your window tint. If you aren’t sure about your area’s laws, or how to determine how dark of tint is too dark, a pro can help you. For example, if you want car window tinting in San Diego, your tech will ensure your new film doesn’t violate city law before you ever make a purchase.

The worst part about applying tint yourself only to find out that it’s illegal is that you then negate the hours of time you spent working on your car in a matter of minutes because you have to peel it all off. You might as well flush money down the toilet.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.