Useful recommendations for choosing your sunglasses



Sunglasses are essential at any time of the year, no matter where we visit, nor are they exclusive to warm areas such as the beach. The intensity of ultraviolet (UV) rays makes this accessory essential to protect your eyes, and even better if it helps you look good.

But apart from the aesthetic aspect that we all seek to reflect with sunglasses, it is also necessary to know that trends change every year, as well as knowing other characteristics of this accessory such as: type of lens; frame material; lens color, frame style and the most important thing is that they fit well according to the shape of our face.

And what to take into account when buying sunglasses?

Taking into account that a prolonged and unprotected exposure can damage ocular structures such as the retina and cornea, this exposure can occur on cloudy days and especially in mountain or sea areas, where the layers of the atmosphere are less. So don’t think that sunglasses are only worn when the sun’s rays are strongest.

Is the lens color important?

The standard colors are: brown, green and blue, and none of them distort the vision. Although green offers greater visual comfort.

Greens are essential for the city, while blue or gray are more recommended for driving.

– Polarized lenses are essential for high seas or high mountains. These eliminate reflections and prevent light from shining from various angles in these environments. Thus, the person who uses them can see clearly.

– While photochromic lenses can be worn indoors and outdoors. They can be used by people who like to change glasses, since the same lenses adapt to the light of the place. Although this type of lens has been transformed positively and there are a variety of options, sunglasses offer better protection from excess light and are more recommended. The photochromic lenses are usually found in prescription sunglasses.

– Mirrored lenses are more aesthetic. However, people often think that with this lens there is greater protection from sunlight and UV rays, but the only thing that prevents it is to see the eyes of the person who uses them.

Does the mount matter?

The shape of the frame is important because depending on the time of year the light falls from different angles, and it also varies depending on where we are. Sometimes UV rays can enter through the temporal area of ​​the eye (which corresponds to the arm of the frame), making the protective effect of sunglasses diminished or non-existent. In these cases, wider or thinner arms can be the ideal solution to ensure greater eye protection.

The good thing about sunglasses is that they do not have an expiration date, as long as you take good care of them, so they can last for many years. If they start to lose their original color, or your lens gets scratched, it is recommended to renew them, because they do not last a lifetime either!

Finally, we recommend that you buy your sunglasses from a trusted optician, where you have the advice of a vision professional, because this guarantees you to acquire a quality accessory, which will help you to look good, but also to protect your eyes.

Low-quality sunglasses are usually made of plastic and the lenses of these can affect your eyes vision. So when buying them, be sure to take into account the recommendations that we share here.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.