Compensation That You Can Get from A Road Accident in Texas

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When someone goes through a serious road accident, it not only affects the person physically, but mentally and emotionally too. You are worried not only about your physical injuries, but also about the mental trauma that you will have to go through. You could

Therefore, it is important to claim for your injuries that are caused due to someone else’s mistake. Here you will be in need of an accident lawyer, who can help you in this critical matter. If you are physically injured, then you will need to first go for the medical help. At the same time, you will need to get in touch with a lawyer for claiming compensation.

When a person goes through such kind of road injuries, only he can know about his pain, anxiety, emotional distress and many other factors, which no one else can understand. So, when you hire a personal injury lawyer for yourself, the person will need to understand and consider these factors firstly.

Sutliff & Stout, PLLC is one legal professional in Texas that has been helping their clients get compensations for their financial and emotional health, both in case of such road injuries or accidents. Their Houston car accident lawyers always make sure that their clients get the compensations they rightfully deserve. More importantly, they will serve you with compassion, personal attention, and respect.

How can you as a victim help your car attorney to help you?

Your pain and sufferings are only known to you. Hence, you need to jot down from the day 1 the details of all your pain, sufferings, and injuries, and how it affects your life. So, you can share them to your attorney at the time of your visit. Below are some examples of your pain and suffering:

  • Anxiety and hopelessness
  • Injury causing temporary or permanent disability
  • Injury caused by your immediate family member or someone close to you due to this accident
  • Loss of any family member or someone close to you due to this accident (like wrongful death)

In this kind of sufferings, it is difficult to recognize how much amount you can claim or receive from the opponent or the insurance company. So, here you legal advisor can help you get what you deserve. They can fight with all their experience to help you get the amount.

How the amount is calculated?

  1. The multiplier method: In Texas, the court uses something called as multiplier method to calculate the amount the victim needs to get in case of such injury. The court will multiply your actual damage (which includes your medical bill, your repair or replacement of car bills) with a number from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least amount of damage caused and 5 being the most. Many lawyers always multiply the damage with 3 but in case with an accident with a drunk driver, they will multiply it with 4 instead of 3.
  2. Daily rate method: Most lawyers also use this method to give you a fair chance. He will check the money you make for your single day and then multiply it with the number of days you couldn’t work because of this accident. Hence, this will be the best way to teach a lesson to the offender.

The worse part of this road accident is that your injury can be healed, cars can be fixed but the emotional trauma you go through because of someone else’s mistake can never be forgotten so easily. It might take many years to get over the trauma. Hence, it is important to teach make the offender pay legally for the grief that is caused to you.

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