Single Storage & Organization Solution To Manage Daily Needs In An Accessible & Modular System



The first man to step foot on earth more than a million years ago established the groundwork for tool kits and invented stone tool kits in Ethiopia to organize tools in a single place. Since those times the urgent and constant requirement to arrange tools and gadgets while keeping them secure has transformed into a necessity. 

Technology evolved during the centuries with numerous innovative gadgets influencing humans on a global platform. This evolution saw a significant rise in demands for the new and promising organizational tool kits; however, these kits resulted in increasing stress as the imperative tools and gadgets were not secured and risked safety. Less durable, flexible, and adaptable, the said unorganized tool kits resulted in a wastage of time, effort, and finances.  

The rise in demand together with advancements in technology gave birth to the impending need to arrange gadgets and tools in one safe place that was structured and well-organized. This is where Paragon Strap System emerges as an organizational savior to transform the daily tool kit into an accessible tool from a scattered mess. 

An answer to the nagging dilemma of finding the perfect tool kit, Paragon Strap System is the sole solution to arrange objects, gadgets, and tools anywhere and anytime. Exclusive and efficient, this organizational kit is designed to deliver high-end quality storage with wide capacity and organization systems. Easy to carry, pack and manage, it is perfect for everyday use and has been formulated from simple, easy, and durable components. Not limited to being utilized in a particular scenario, the tool kit is versatile and stunning. Aesthetically pleasing, it has been engineered to act as a single storage system to carry and store objects of varied shapes and sizes. Built from the finest materials, the sturdy industrial strength hook and loop fabric provide paramount strength while ensuring the objects do not move. 

The strap module integrated into the design is re-adjustable and rearrangeable to deliver maximum safety. The reusability and extensibility of the product are the hooks, loop, and elastic bands. Every strap is capable of attaching to itself without any tears and problems. The user can stack multiple objects in the kit and arrange them safely and save space. The strap system augments usage while allowing the user to customize as per the individual requirements and remolding it into an innovative, advanced, and organized daily tool. 

The founder, Garrett Gee, is the owner of an e-commerce store in the cyber security market and has a wealth of experience as a cyber security professional in the government and fortune 500 organizations. Filled with passion and fervor, Gee builds and creates things; thus he created a single storage tool kit using his two decades of experience. The Paragon Strap System is an applaudable achievement. Fathoming the need of the community for a safe organizational tool, Gee curated the exceptional product to deliver ease to the people. 

Gee states, “This innovative solution will change the way you store and organize your everyday gear.” 

Available on Kickstarter, there is an opportunity for the interested investors to back the product and help in raising funds. 

The Paragon Strap System is on a mission to organize lives with the help of one single organizational tool kit. It has been conceived and built for the people to organize their daily objects and gadgets in one place with optimal safety and security. Versatile, adjustable, modular, stylish, and designed with cushion protection, the user can carry objects with confidence and zero worries. 

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.