Do I need a graphics card in my laptop ?

The graphics card of the laptop and the graphics processing unit are a large part of the image processing that your laptop requires. Every visual on your laptop screen is as a result of the GPU and the graphics card.  The graphics card is there to send the images to your computer screen and make it function in the best way possible. There are two types of GPU, the integrated and the dedicated GPU, they are often referred to as the graphics card of the laptop and choosing which one you use is also as vital as the use of a graphics card in general.

Do I need a graphics card in my laptop ? The answer would have to be a yes, the graphics card is a very integral part of the image output in your laptop. Without a graphics card, there will be a gap in the processing of image and it’s output as well.  The graphics card is a huge part of video rendering and even gaming. The images, and the entire display of your laptop depends on the graphics card. The graphics card is an expansion card that creates the data of output images and sends it off to be displayed on your system.

Your laptop needs a graphics card to be able to function when it comes to videos, images gaming and anything that basically has to do with the display. The kind of GPU of graphics card you use also matters highly because the graphics card is basically in charge of the images you will see on your screen,  and you don’t want poor images or graphics on your screen. High-end GPUs are also used for gaming, ray tracing, graphics production, and even mining cryptocurrency. But if you don’t require a high end graphics card, it is more than okay to settle for the average kind. The graphics card determines the kind of images you get one your screen and without it, your laptop wouldn’t necessarily have any image output to show to you.

The graphics card is very essential because for the most part, it determines what kind of image your laptop or computer will have.  The graphics card is a hardware that is responsible for the rendering of images and videos. You would also need the graphics card if you intend to play high end games and the editing of other 3D animations as well.  The graphics card in your laptop would essentially determine the kind of workload you would get done, especially if you’re a gamer or video editor, then you would be highly determined to have the best graphics card possible.

Major Types Of Graphics Card

There are mostly two types of graphics card and the one you choose determines the kind of rendering and performance you get.  Your laptop having a graphics card isn’t the only thing you should be worried about, the kind of graphics card on the other hand is where all your thoughts should lie.

Integrated GPU

With an integrated graphics card, you get a permanently placed GPU that is soldered into the motherboard, what this means is that you may not be able to replace or upgrade it.

If you don’t require a high end graphics card, this would be a safe bet for you because it is mostly inside laptops that aren’t so expensive and it also has a basic performance that most gamers and video editors run from.

The integrated graphics card are known to be very power efficient, they don’t require a lot of power other than the one the CPU is already using ,it basically shares its resources with its VPU and this wouldn’t bode well for heavy tasks.

The integrated GPU don’t cause a lot of problems, using then seem to be free of any real issues ,the GPU is built into. The motherboard so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting additional hardware ,so that reduces the worry attached to getting a GPU.

Dedicated Graphics

Dedicated GPUs are the opposite of the integrated GPU, they come separately and unlike the integrated GPU, they do not share their RAM with the CPU.  They have a more dedicated RAM and this means they are more able to run high gaming and rendering tasks without any worries.

The performance of the dedicated GPU is highly efficient and increasingly higher than the integrated and it also offers a certain kind of modern twist to the image of your laptop.

Alongside the great performance is quite a number of ports you could use ,it will have a hdmi port as well as two dvi ports, the motherboard also has a dvi port and a vga port.

Choosing between the dedicated and integrated GPU relies heavily on what you need the graphics card of your laptop for and making a choice is as easy as matching your preferences to the main features of either of them and deciding which one matches your visual needs accurately.

Main Uses of a Graphics card in your laptop

Without a graphics card in your laptop, there is a chance that the display wouldn’t be good, that is if there’s any display at all.  There will be a lot of display issues that you wouldn’t want to deal with.

The graphics card has the most basic uses, it could boil down to just something as simple as watching a video in your laptop and who doesn’t want to do that?  So the graphics card is important for your laptop to be able to give you video output.

A lot of gaming and a lot of gamers would not only requ6a graphics card or GPU in their laptop, they would require the best.  Without that your gaming would be reduced to absolute lagging and essentially the worst gaming experience.

Because of the advancement in technology and GPU, many users could make use of 4k and GPUs games nowadays can run in 8K at 60FPS, which is an absolute advantage  of the entire graphics card system in general.

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