3 Benefits of Using Blue Light Glasses



Blue light glasses are gaining popularity as more and more people spend their days in front of a computer, smartphone or tablet. By eliminating blue light these glasses give you the following benefits.

Less Discomfort and Eye Fatigue

Blue light glasses provide much-needed help for those who spend hours interacting with devices throughout the day. As it stands, too much blue light exposure leads to eye strain and fatigue, as well as headaches and stress.

Using a pair of glasses that filter out blue light may sound too good to be true, but it works and the effect is almost immediate. It’s the same technology as blue light filters on monitors and smartphones but it’s always on and protects you from other light sources, such as LED bulbs, TVs and sunlight.

Better Long Term Health

The benefits you gain from wearing blue light glasses extend far beyond just using devices. The less eye strain you experience the lower the chances of you developing macular degeneration. Constant headaches lead to a lower quality of life, which can get significantly less with a good pair of blue light-blocking glasses.

Blue light protective glasses are recommended for those whose work involves working at a computer, outdoors and in offices that have strong fluorescent and LED bulbs. Less eye strain and headaches lead to better quality of life, and you’ll have a lower risk of developing eye concerns such as macular degeneration.

Better Sleep

Sleep is very important for everyone, but simply getting a lot of it isn’t an indication of good health. What you’ll want is high quality sleep that’s deep and restful, and is something that a pair of blue light glasses can help with.

Lessening blue light exposure is believed to contribute to better sleep. If you can’t avoid using your smartphone or laptop before you go to bed, consider activating the device’s blue light filter or wearing the said glasses.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.