Iphone 12s Pro Max Worth? Price and other Specs



The iPhone 12s Pro Max was introduced by Apple in the previous year, and many industry professionals agree that it is worthy of the title of greatest mobile phone of the year due to the laudable settings that it provides. This consensus is based on the fact that the iPhone 12 Pro Max was released by Apple. Apple goods have been seen as a type of social money ever since they were first introduced, and the Pro Max was not an exception; the Pro Max made its debut in Brazil with a price tag of R$ 14,000.

General information

Apple’s most recent iPhone has a huge display measuring 6.7 inches and a 5G connection; one of its improvements is in the cameras, which have up to a 5x optical zoom and lenses that are on the edge of virtual reality; and Apple’s newest iPhone is called the iPhone XS Max.

On the device’s lithium battery, it is possible to watch films nonstop for up to 20 hours, and the battery may survive for up to five days if it is used for regular everyday duties.

Here are some specifications of the iphone 12s Pro Max:


The Apple iPhone 12s Pro Max has a very futuristic design, and its look has some similarities to that of its predecessor, the Apple iPhone 11; On its screen, which has a diagonal measurement of 6.7 inches, devotees of video games, films, and television shows are going to have a fantastic time playing;

The fact that its screen only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is regarded to be subpar by those who work in the field; taking into mind the fact that mobile devices of lower quality have refresh rates of 90 Hz.

Taking into account that the corners of the iPhone are rather sharp and conspicuous, the arrangement may have been better used if it had counted with the front camera in the centre part and the back camera in the top right part. This would have delivered more screen real estate to the user.


The primary camera on the iPhone now comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind optical stabilisation, a technology that was before only accessible in professional cameras. This is the most significant enhancement that this update brings to the iPhone.

Its colour game is different from that of other cameras in that it captures less warm tones; as a consequence of its stabilisation of divergent image sensors, its noise sensor produces photographs that are lighter and crisper.


It ensures the performance of activities ranging from the most fundamental to the most difficult since it is equipped with 5G technology and a 2.6 GHz, six-core CPU. The hardware of the iPhone 12s Pro Max is great and completely deserves the price that it is being asked for on the market.

It is equipped with iOS 14, and in its most thorough version, it carries with it an incredible storage of 512 gigabytes and 6 gigabytes of RAM; with Apple GPU add-on, it is possible to run games of the current generation without any crashes occurring.

Is it worthwhile to spend that much money on an iPhone 12s Pro Max?

Even though it has been available for purchase for a while now (a few months), the Apple iPhone 12s Pro Max is still a worthy purchase and should be considered for purchase. mostly as a consequence of the fact that its values are quite low, having dropped by around 30 percentage points when they were first calculated.

In Brazil, you can get a brand new version of the iphone 12s Pro Max from reputable shops such as Submarino and Americanas for a price that ranges from R$ 9 thousand to R$ 10 thousand. The best of these merchants offer free delivery on all orders.


As a consequence of this, the estimated lifespan of the mobile device while it is functioning at its peak is up to two years. Industry experts believe that it will be some time before another phone is introduced that can compete with the level of the iphone 12s Pro Max.

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