Gps Signal Blocker and other Blockers: Types and Features



Blocking devices like, for example, a gps signal blocker, are designed to suppress wireless communication channels. They distribute ‘white noise’ at a certain frequency. If this frequency matches the one on which another device operates, the proper work of the latter will be blocked. 

Types of Blockers

Different signal jammers are designed for a limited frequency range, so there are no universal devices that effectively affect all gadgets.

In the you can find the following options:

  • wifi blocker;
  • cell phone jammer;
  • gps blocker.

Despite the similar principle of operation, all devices can be divided into four large groups.

Stationary Devices

They are installed indoors or outdoors and they are large in size and weight. This method guarantees protection to banks, government agencies, educational institutions, and other places. Such network jammer can be decorated as an interior item and be invisible to outsiders.

Small Phone Jammer

These are gadgets with a small weight. You can put one in your pocket, or handbag and activate it when needed. Batteries guarantee a few hours of work. 

Car Gps Jammer

Most often they are configured to block navigation systems and are installed in the cigarette lighter. Their radius of influence does not exceed 10 meters.


They are worn directly on the smartphone and not only block calls and text messages, but also the Internet. Even the operator cannot detect the location of the phone. It is reliable protection against spyware.

Installation Features

Do-it-yourself installation of mobile jammer or wifi jammer is possible:

  • Make sure the main power is off.
  • Find a place where the silencer will be invisible and its signal will spread freely in all directions.
  • Tune the device to the same frequency used by the devices you want to disable.
  • Attach the device securely.
  • Plug in the electricity.

If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact professionals. The reliability of the blockers depends on the quality, power, and correct settings.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.