How Do Dive Computers Work?



A dive computer can make the difference between a good dive and an amazing one. But what are they used for? Learn what a dive computer is, how it compares to a dive watch, and why scuba divers consider it an essential part of their diving gear.

What Is a Dive Computer?

A dive computer is a waterproof electronic device that helps you monitor various aspects of your dive. Most notably, these computers monitor your dive time and depth in order to calculate a decompression model (the time you should take in your ascent). Some dive computers also feature a submersible pressure gauge (SPG), which displays the amount of air/gas mixture you have left in your air tank.

These measurements are possible thanks to various components, including depth sensors, timers, and pressure hoses that connect directly to the computer.

The Difference Between a Dive Computer and Dive Watch

Dive watches are timepieces that are specifically designed to withstand the intense pressure experienced during scuba diving. While features vary from watch to watch, some include decompression models to help in your ascent (though this is not the standard).

The main advantage dive watches have over dive computers is the versatility; you can wear a dive watch as your everyday timepiece. Dive computers are specifically designed to calculate and display information relevant to your dive. As such, you will only use it during a scuba diving trip.

Why Scuba Divers Choose Dive Computers

While a diving watch does have some level of convenience, they have some drawbacks when compared to a dive computer.

Dive computers have:

  • Larger display screens for easier readability
  • Better compatibility with diving regulators
  • Faster, real-time data regarding your gas levels and depth
  • More data points to analyze your dive

Even if you like the convenience of having a display on your wrist, you can find wrist-mounted dive computers that are equally handy and simple to use.

Make Your Trips Easier and Safer with a Dive Computer

Dive computers make diving fun, safe, and hassle-free, so why not use one on your next dive? Find a dive computer that meets your needs today.

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