IT Conversations: The Perspectives of Cloud Business in SMEs



The use of cloud computing services grew slightly, with file storage being the cloud computing service most contracted by microenterprises. Despite spending years talking about the benefits of the cloud, penetration in SMEs has been too slow, until the pandemic began. Telecommuting and the need to continue operating in order to survive led small and medium-sized companies to look for tools with which they could work easily and efficiently remotely. In fact, cloud business principles have been well applied by online casinos like

The relationship of the current SME with the Cloud

The importance of the cloud for small businesses has been seen more clearly with the outbreak of the pandemic and remote work. The SMEs that were more digitalized perfectly understood that a remote work model was perfectly feasible and safe, but what happened to most of them, which barely used technology? Some died and others desperately tried to install systems that would help them work in a way they only contemplated before.

This technology has not only made it possible to follow economic activities while at home, but has also revealed one of its great benefits: scalability.

With cloud tools, a company can focus on what interests them: growing their business, leaving the technical part to the experts. However, there is not a total disassociation of the team from the technology, the training and continuous learning of all the members is key for the proper working of the business, especially in what refers to security.

The hybrid model is the most used by SMEs, placing certain services in the public cloud and leaving other more critical ones “at home”, such as those related to data. Another interesting piece of information extracted from the webinar is that the microservices in the cloud are working very well, offering, above all, connection and security, in such a way that it provides an ideal solution for remote workers, another of the trends that we are seeing the most in the local and world market.

When a company embarks on the path to the cloud, it must know that it can always “come back”. Maybe it doesn’t care about the cost, it has problems, the high latency, or it just may not be what it expected. This is part of its appeal, because at any time you can return to on premise, since there has been no high initial investment. Hence, as we have mentioned before, what is being seen the most is the hybrid and multicloud environment.

For all this to work and go further, we have highlighted the importance of breaking down barriers, allowing growth, speaking the language of SMEs, fair competition and ensuring opportunities for all. This with respect to the legislation and the “rules of the game” of the market, but it is also necessary to raise awareness about security, that, with the cloud, acquires greater importance.

Not all cloud services will need the same security, nor will all environments, but both concepts (cloud-security) must go hand in hand. And an antivirus is not enough, you have to ensure both the service and the communication, analyzing the environment well and establishing a strategy.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.