Outsourcing Your Contact Centers To The Philippines – A Game Changer For Start-Ups and SMEs



Offshore staffing is a business tool that allows start-ups as well as small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) to grow their businesses quickly and cost-effectively. When considering using contact center outsourcing to the Philippines, some key factors should be considered. First, it provides access to technology and expertise that might otherwise take years to develop. Contact centers in the Philippines often use cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) not usually available to small or start-up organizations. These tools allow companies to deliver a customer experience that meets or, in many cases, exceeds what larger or more established companies can provide their customers. The contact center services you outsource in the Philippines use AI will provide a significant competitive advantage by:

  • Using IVR and chatbots to handle simple queries freeing up experienced phone agents for difficult or complex issues
  • Providing efficient and fast de-escalation support when a customer is frustrated or upset by utilizing AI capability to identify these situations in real-time and offer pointers in the form of pop-ups to help the phone agents identify and resolve problems effectively
  • Using AI tools also allows for a level of data analysis that can provide valuable insight into the customer experience and complex analysis of an agent’s interactions with customers to help deliver an exceptional customer experience. These tools also can learn and scale quickly, allowing companies in the start-up phase to be flexible and adapt to their customer’s needs at a pace that otherwise might be difficult for them to achieve.

Other factors start-ups and SMEs should consider when deciding to partner with a call center outsourcing provider in the Philippines include the following.

  1. It can be a very cost-effective way to scale up your team and provide access to an incredible pool of prospective employees. Especially in the competitive recruiting world that has resulted from the Covid pandemic, why limit your candidate to your local geography? When you look at employment from a global perspective, it opens up incredible employment opportunities.
  2. Outsourcing contact centers to the Philippines allows companies to achieve higher growth, increased margins, and profitability and concentrate on core activities.
  3. Save resources by leveraging mature ready-made infrastructure. When contact center outsourcing to the Philippines, you benefit from access to expert-level staff and the technology and experience that makes delivering on your brand promise possible. In addition, using a contact center in the Philippines allows you to avoid the cost and headache of operating a call center in-house, including certifications, quality management, training, and information security since data privacy in today’s business world is critical.

Companies in all industries and of all sizes can benefit from business process outsourcing to the Philippines. In a survey done by market insight firm Clutch, 37% of small businesses outsourced a minimum of one crucial business process, whereas 52% reported planning to do so in the following year. For companies looking to get to unicorn status (value over US$1 billion), growth and scaling must be at the forefront of their strategy, and using contact center services in the Philippines is one way to achieve that.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.