Top 6 Reasons to Choose Plivo as an SMS API Platform



SMS is one of the most widely used forms of communications around the world, and one of the most efficient, thanks to instant delivery and open rates of up to 98%.

Businesses can take advantage of SMS (and its multimedia sibling MMS) by integrating their applications with a communications platform as a service. A CPaaS is a cloud communications platform that provides an application programming interface (API) that lets developers easily integrate texting into existing applications. Plivo is one of the top SMS API platforms, and a compelling alternative to Twilio, a similar well-known platform.

The Best Twilio Alternative?

What makes Plivo a worthwhile Twilio competitor?

Customers Love Plivo

Software comparison site G2 shows Plivo leading all major cloud communications platforms with a customer satisfaction rating of 96%.

Migration is Seamless

Businesses have an easy time migrating from Twilio because Plivo’s API structures, implementation mechanisms, XML structure, SMS message processing, and voice call processing are similar to Twilio’s.

Plivo Supports all the Common web Development Languages

Plivo offers server SDKs in seven languages: Python, Node.js, .NET (C#), Java, PHP, Ruby, and Go. We also provide how-to help for specific use cases, such as how to conduct two-factor authentication to a Python application and how to build an SMS survey in Java.

Global Coverage Makes the world go ‘round

Plivo provides messaging services to 190+ countries all around the world. Over the last 10 years they’ve built out a Premium Communications Network with direct relationships with more than 1,600+ carrier networks around the globe, and network points of presence (PoP) that correspond to six internet exchange points (IXP) on five continents to promote high deliverability with minimal latency.

The Price is Right

Every amount on Plivo’s pricing page is lower than the corresponding charges for Twilio’s services. In fact, sometimes Plivo’s costs are 100% lower: In countries where receiving SMS messages is supported, Plivo lets businesses get incoming text messages for free. The high reliability we cited in the previous point also has an impact on the total cost of the solution. If your CPaaS can’t reliably deliver text messages across every locale where you have customers, you have to add in the cost of resends.

More Resources to Ensure Customer Success

Plivo gets developers started with Quickstart guides and reference documentation. If those aren’t enough, a global support team is ready to answer questions and pull down roadblocks. And large customers get a dedicated customer success manager to act as an advocate for the customer.

All of that and a Free Trial

Those are six good reasons to consider Plivo as a Twilio alternative, but a seventh makes Plivo even more compelling. Businesses that sign up for a free trial get credits toward usage of any and all Plivo services — not only the SMS API but also a voice API, phone number rental, and SIP trunking.

All in all, Plivo makes a great case to be considered as a top Twilio alternative.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.