Great Ways to Save on Cable TV Bills



If we take a look at statistics, it is quite clear that cable bills never go down. You often see a small pay increase like $10 and you are not given a reason for it. While you might not think this is important, as time passes, amounts quickly pile up. Small increases will end up hurting. This is why so many people now opt for Spectrum deals and similar since prices are at least guaranteed for up to a year.

If you believe that you pay too much for cable TV, there are several things you can do. Some of the easiest ways to save are presented in the following paragraphs.

Remove Premium Channels

While you might really love channels like HBO, if you decide to cut down on the premium channels, you can save around $20 per month for just one of them. This is difficult to do for many, especially when a favorite TV show is on. But, you can definitely remove the channel and then get it back when the season is back. Even a few months without HBO, Showtime, and similar channels can help.

Remove Extra Cable Boxes

Do you have more cable boxes inside your home? Every single extra one can add up to $12 monthly to your cable TV bill. Do you really need a cable box inside your bedroom? Maybe you can get rid of it to save some cash.

Be Careful With Fees

Take a look at your bill and if there are fees you do not understand, contact customer support. You want to question these fees. There are some that can be avoided. However, others can simply be sidestepped. For instance, if you see that there is an extra added for getting HD technology, it is something you can definitely live without.

As an extra related tip, you might want to get rid of the DVR extra. There are good chances your favorite show or even news segments can be watched on-demand. You can save around $10 monthly if you remove DVR from most cable TV bills.

Downsize The Plan

This should be obvious but we have to highlight it. Every company gives you cable packages to choose from. You can always downsize and just stick to your personal must-haves. This would lead to savings of up to $40 per month and you will most likely not miss all the extra channels in the higher packages. In the US, it is common to get up to 205 channels but statistics show us the average US citizen watches just around 20 cable channels each month.

Take Advantage Of Bundling

Many service providers allow you to pair your internet service with your cable. Over the duration of 2 years, this bundle can actually save you over $1,000. You surely need internet so why not bundle it?

The trick with this option is to avoid the premium options that the salespeople will try to give you. When you do not need blazing-fast internet connections since you just watch Netflix, just go for the basics. Chances are, you do not need the extras.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.