5 Minute Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners



You only need a few things to get started with video editing and you will create decent movies at home that you would be able to watch for several years to come. Also create a successful Hollywood movie, maybe.

A video capture disc, editing programme, your camera, storage room on your computer and a camcorder, VCR, or you can watch your movie on your computer screen, are the simple things you require.

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What should be minimum specs?

Let us look first at your machine. You will need at least a Pentium II 300 or faster, a minimum of 256 Megs of RAM, but with 512 Megs, you will get better results. You would also want to get a drive of 30 GB that is separated into 2 different partitions. This indicates that you are going to get a C: and a D:. The C: could be 10 GB and all of your apps will be stored there and the D: will be where your projects for audio, video and editing are kept. A 32 Meg AGP can be your graphics card. You may get an 8 or 16 Meg, so it is not going to be as high enough.

Perhaps the most complicated part about video editing is storage. There are several options for film creators to store their digital video files and this is why it can be so overwhelming.

So, before you start, make sure you have ample room on your machine for the type of video you want to store.

On to the video capture card and the tools for video editing. You can see several factories manufacturing video capture cards when you first enter the electronics shop. The most famous involve

Pinnacle, Matrox, Dazzle, Advertising, Canopus, and Digital Origin are some of the trustworthy video capture card suppliers.

What video capture cards do is that these cards utilise hardware or software compression to digitise the video on your computer’s hard drive to put it in basic terms. You can edit your film and play it back on tape or show your movie on the screen of your monitor.

Another software application that can make it simpler when you start video editing is an MPEG Encoder that is an application that is really simple to use that will make it easy to transform more formats than you might imagine. Converting DVD, VCD, AVI, MPEG, GIF, Flash, WMV, WMA, WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, AAC, 3GP and more can support all of these MPEG converters

So, what you need to do now is find the right app for video editing that you are happy with and off you go. You will see many various video editing software providers selling their software on a trial basis, so you can evaluate the software so that you can see if it is the right software for you. But, note that you only get the video capture card for the trial version. You are going to have to buy it individually.

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